Chelsea Settles: Meet MTV's New, 324-Pound Reality Star

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Chelsea Settles is not small, but MTV hopes she'll be a big hit.

The network's new reality TV starlet is coming to Tinseltown in pursuit of a career in the fashion industry. She's pretty much the anti-Lauren Conrad.

She weighs 324 lbs., which people remind her of constantly, but make no mistake, the 23-year-old is not about to let it stand in the way of a dream.

Chelsea Settles Pic

As she ditches her small town roots for life in the City of Angels, all while struggling to lose weight, Settles' career pursuits meet major obstacles.

She's leaving behind a boyfriend who isn't always supportive, a mom struggling with severe diabetes, and battling her size every step of the way.

The new star will have "an opportunity to expand her social life by confronting the social phobias that have been holding her back," MTV explains.

Unlike most reality shows (cough, any Real Housewives), this features a genuinely likable star, one MTV hopes will be "a new kind of heroine."

Think she will be? Watch the trailer below:

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Hah, Jon, you jealous? Honestly, this is beautiful. Finally something that is real showing on TV. How is putting every problem you have to the side to follow your dreams not inspiring? Being overweight is a huge (no pun intended) problem in the US, and for someone with fears of being judge going on TV to show people that it's possible to change your life no matter what, that is a pretty big thing. There is no reason for people to treat her rudely and call her names. So what if she's big, she is still beautiful.


Everyone stop hating cause you don'y have your own show and shes is a beaitiful women doesn't what freakin size she is size doesn't matter and I think Chelsea is doing a good thing following hear dreams and noy giving up and never letting no one stop you from accomplishing your dreams life is too short live life to the fullies and she dropped everything to be their for her mom who you know someone that would drop everything to be their beside her mom thru everything so I hope everything works out for you sweetie and good luck and god bless you chelsea in your life all love from Michigan can't wait to head up to california just found out I got accepted to SMC


I find her very pretty, though I don't find the show inspiring, I do find it entertaining. I do hope she has a successful bout with her weight and completes her goal of becoming a designer. She just remember to forget where she comes from and keep the clothes she designs in sizes 0-7.


honestly I don not believe this is "inspiring" in any way. I find it disgusting that many people consider Chelsea's unhealthy life style to be "normal". Congratulations because your fat you get your own TV show.


chealsie i love u my love ur wonderfull just the way u are i wish the best for u in life n jon on th


JonYou are a freakin idiot and have NOooo life u obviously find other issues..(in your mind) that are physically wrong with others because of the demons you literally have inside you... you freakin idiot .. you are not satisfied with yourself.. and are OBVIOUSLY Insecure to bash some on else to make your retarded @ss feel better... anyway your a LOSER "Jon" if thats is your real name.. get a life .. because you dont have one .. and hopefully you'll find one before you die . you idiot.. because I guarantee you.. you will spend the rest of your life in torment.. eternal life dont think about these things because youre an idiot and well.. you have CHILDISHLy taken your ABUSE You have been handed in life and turned it around to others ,, now how stupid is that you dummy.. go pray somewhere and ask God to forGIVE You and Help you out because you are pathetic.. loser. its not that hard. get real.


Hey Jon your a fucking loser for posting that about someone. Takes a real strong person to talk shit about someone behind a computer. Your obviously wasting your time sitting on your couch watching it, so shove it. Your whats wrong with the world. Oh and by the way I'm not overweight actually I find myself pretty goodlooking as well as she or anyone else should


Fuck this dumb ass fat bitch, closed minded sheltered piece of lard...who the tries to scare a spider and who the fucks thinks life in Cali or life in gerenal is about limo some work you fat lard, maybe then you would know what hard work is besides eating a large dominos pizza.


I love love love this show so far it shows that everything on tv doesn't always have to be about partying or having kids at young ages or how much Money you have or spend on the things you want or think u need to live life. With that being said Chelsea is so beautiful an she dresses very nice for her size very stylish who said u have to be skinny to have style if that's how people think they need to grow up, I've been in her shoes more than one having ignorant an just flat out rude people say things to me when they aren't perfect themselves the scene at the club really ticked me off I wanted so bad to just go through the tv an knock every person out for being so damn rude I wish her nothing but the best your beautiful no matter what anyone says weather you lose weight or not your a child of God he loves you an excepts you some one in this world is meant to love you for you an be with you every step of the way holding your hand so you guys can walk together stay positive


I love love love this show so far I've been in her shoes having people yell things at me for not being lets say a size 4 f those people not every one in this world is meant to be the same with that being said Chelsea is so beautiful inside and out she seems like she has the best personality ever as I watched the scene at the club I could have spit nails it upset me so bad no one deserves to be treated like that an as for the boyfriend that didn't show support for you girl you can do anything u set ur mind to I'm so glad you chose to go to la may God bless you with