Charlie Sheen on Brooke Mueller: Just a Friend!

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Look, can't a sort of insane TV star go on vacation with his drug-addicted ex-wife and suck on some bananas without people jumping to conclusions?!?

With Charlie Sheen having taken Brooke Mueller down to Mexico for a few days, rumors are now circulating that this former couple is giving it another shot. But the actor insists there is nothing to the trip aside from friendship.

In Better Times

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, circa 2007. Might happy days be here again for the pair?

"We're good friends trying to be great parents," Sheen told reporters over the weekend. "[We're] working on mending the bridges, replanting scorched earth. The goal is harmony."

Okay, who is this sane, reasonable family man? And, seriously, what has he done with Charlie Sheen?!?



Charlie you deserve much better than Brooke ...


Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller having a vacation in Mexico? They're both locos en la cabezas con cervezas!!!! That mean crazy in the head with cold beers.....only it rhymes better in spanish, but they are both loco-heads!


I love Charlie Sheen! Will always be TEAM CHARLIE!!!


I think Sheen is dying... though I hope my gut is wrong. He completely went off the deep end and burned all bridges. Now he is trying to make peace with his ex wives, get his kids back in his life, and set up good lives for his kids(even if they aren't living with him) seems like the behavior of a dying man. :-(


wow Sammie such a negative must have a very boring and sad life..first of all there are lot's of negative ALLEGATIONS about the guy, we don't know him, the press can twist every don't judge like that.
So as for me i am team Charlie (and i am a woman, quite feminist by the way but also very objective and septic towards celeb gossip..) i wish them well and hope they can have a nice relationship (romantic or not..not my business) and make their children happy.
Ah and i care about him so don't speak for everybody, moreover it seems you care since you post about him..
I enjoy Charlie Sheen the actor and looking forward to watch his next projects.


Please realize we don't care about Charlie Sheen. The guy wanted to murder this woman he is now, supposedly (can you say Controlling?), wanting to help. It's all about publicity and trying to get some kind of reputation back so someone will hire him before he blows through whatever money he hasn't already put up his nose. I've seen too many Abusers to not have seen this "honeymoon" period before. This guy deserves nothing but contempt from us. Regardless of how many "oh look, aren't we happy? And aren't I a nice guy? Look at what I'm doing!" his publicist sends out.

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