Celebrity Diets: The Worst of the Worst

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Interesting move by the OK! editorial board.

Last week, this entertainment news magazine reported that Kim Kardashian wed, 3-4 days before she actually tied the knot with baller Kris Humphries.

This week, when they would have an actual Kim wedding to report on/make up stories about, they opt for the celebrity diet filler issue. What gives?

Worst Celeb Diets

Perhaps OK! realized that Kim kashed in by selling her wedding pics to People and that their best chance was to jump the gun. Not a terrible idea, really.

In any event, we've got your standard celebrity diet issue here - and apparently, for several well-known celebrity moms, there is cause for concern.

From Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie to Victoria Beckham and LeAnn Rimes, ladies in Hollywood have some DANGEROUS ways of slimming down.

Are some of their diets too extreme? Who eats baby food? Who is such a fitness freak that she pumps iron at all hours? Who lives on 190-calorie meals?

Probably none of them, but hey, gotta sell copies somehow.


alright now THG, yall r runn'n out of stories2, right? U talkn about OKMag, (btw,it wuz sum b.s),but yall story is on a mag, that ran out of stories,mayb they shud do wut yall doin, keep hatin on KimK. Until ur writer gets tired of it


Angie is so sick looking it is nast it looks like she is a alien. Not sexy.

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