Caylee Anthony Mourned on Sixth Birthday

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On the day that Caylee Anthony would have turned 6, her grandparents held a public birthday memorial for the little girl near Orlando, Fla., on Tuesday.

Attendees released purple balloons (her favorite color) and butterflies in Florida near where the remains of Casey Anthony's daughter were found.

Several hundred people attended the memorial.

George and Cindy Anthony held hands and wore T-shirts that read, "You Will Always Remain In Our Hearts, Caylee Marie Anthony 2005-2008."

George Anthony said: "We didn't know how we'd be perceived. It's just a great tribute to our Caylee. Other children have to come home, too."

"That's what should be concentrated on. We know where Caylee's at."

One month after Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder, she remains in hiding for her own safety. She was spotted in Ohio early last week.

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Morris may be up on grammar, however short on circumstantial
evidence. There are many murderers serving life in jail,
convicted on circumstantial evidence, including Scott Petersen.
There was enough evidence to convict her on manslaughter.
The 12 blind mice wanted to get home, and now hide.
They have to live with their pitiful result for the rest of their


I realize these posts were made 2 days ago, but who really cares about grammatical errors? A CHILD IS DEAD! Has that escaped your attention Morris? Or was there no other response that you could make?


"Lisa", you must be "Confused" but with a different screen name. I am not a hypocrite. A small lesson in grammar was not an insult; it was advice. I never made any single grammatical error. Prove it!


This article is about CAYLEE ANTHONY. This isn't about Casey Anthony. So Morris for you to type in bold letters that she didn't kill her daughter was completely unnecessary. It is your opinion and only that. And for you to correct someone's grammar when you - yourself made one. Well, that is just a hypocrite. Nobody is perfect. Nobody knows what happened to that little angel and probably never will. Our justice system doesn't work all the time and IMHO - this time it failed. It is kind of ironic, that most Americans think that it failed as well. That is why Casey Anthony is listed as the most hated person. I would never want to decide someone's fate - especially when it involves a child. You are obviously not a mother that loves a child more than life itself. This case pulls at a lot of heart strings so let people post and grieve as they wish.


correction to my previous post: "I hope you will never be selected as a jury..." should read "I hope you will never be selected as a jury member..."


happy bday lil angel.....every one down on earth misses ur cute smile..ur safe now dont be scared we know god has u now..go play with friends and love ones....


I know it's late but i want to wish little Caylee Happy Birthday she was a BEAUTIFUL CUTE LITTLE GIRL. Caylee will always be are HEART'S. XOXO


happy birthday little angel ^_^


Casey is not a mother ! She is a very sick woman, who killed a very beautiful child . She is a very hated woman , if that is what you want to call her. Remember Casey, KARMA IS A BITCH !!!!! and I do not know how you can live with yourself, after what you have done.


@ Robert Gleason I tried going onto that website so sign but it says Address doesn't exist. Is there another web address were I can sign? Thanks

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Casey Anthony on Trial Casey Anthony is an accused murderer from Orlando, Florida. In 2008, authorities believe she killed her two-year-old, Caylee Marie... More »
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