Casey Anthony to Avoid Florida Probation Hearing

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Score another one for Casey Anthony's attorneys.

After the suspected killer was spotted in Ohio yesterday, talk turned to whether or not Casey would be required to attend a probation hearing in Orlando on Friday. Her lawyer, Jose Baez, has been attempting to keep his client clear of the city due to "an issue of safety," he said on The Today Show this morning.

Now, it appears as if he's succeeded.

Casey Anthony at Sentencing

After reports initially indicated that Anthony had been ordered to be in court by 10 a.m. on Friday, lest a judge order a bench warrant for her arrest, sources now say the hearing will go on without Casey present.

Why the ruling? It's unclear at this time. Chalk it up to another confusing, maddening development in the world of Casey Anthony.

We'll keep readers apprised if anything changes in this story.


Such an irmpessive answer! You've beaten us all with that!


God! When you look at the spelling and grammar of some of these participants it makes you worry about the future of our country.


This probation is another Baez trying to get the bitch girl off.
She either does the year out of jail or face breaking probation while
in jail, as she contacted other felons and never had a job
She can't have both. Serve out of jail or go back for breaking


The original judge's oral order was for her to begin probation AFTER her release. Probation is two-fold: 1) protect the community from a criminal released back into society; 2) help the criminal function properly in the community. The original judge's order was written wrong; therefore, a cleric's error should not be law. Rather, the judge's order should be upheld. Casey, like any other criminal, should be forced to serve REAL probation. Stop trashing the judge and stop treating this women like she's a "special" case. She's a plain old thief, proven and admitted in a court of law!


Judge Perry seems to be her best friend, along of course with the
12 blind mice in hiding. She could not have served a probation
in jail. It is for when you are released. Watch out for Perry
though, he is protecting the Pimp and The Murderer from the 85%
of the people who know she is GUILTY.


ew shes looks like such a troll! look at that smug grin- has guilty written all over it!


what is really telling, is that both she and Bozo Baez knew that there was an oversght in the order. She is such a dishonest person it is sickening. If she was on probation then Bozo provide proof of her neg drug tests, her fulltime job and provide proof that she didn't hang out with any know felons, this slut took every last penny out of her best friend's bank account while she was on vaca in PR. This probation has nothing to do with her murdering her baby. The ho will find karma...what a stupid bitch.


@ PearTree,LMAO. @JD1976, 1st of all,she wuz on trial bcuz evidence led2 her 4 killn her 2yr old,so that does make her a suspect!!! & 2nd of all,the legal system is insulting us...its designed2 f*ck us,i mean, look@ Lindsay Lohan


Damn!! Casey Lohan!!!


"After the suspected killer was spotted in Ohio" She was aquitted by a jury or our peers. She is not a suspected killer. You are insulting our legal system however flawed it may be. I could care less about whether she did it or not - my attention is immeadiately drawn to your first sentence which nulifies your entire article and my opinion for your writing.

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