Casey Anthony Spotted in Ohio; Attorneys Fight Return to Florida

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On the same day Casey Anthony was seen in Ohio - the first confirmed sighting of the acquitted murder suspect since her release - her attorney argued that she will not be safe in Orlando, where a judge ordered her to return.

Anthony went into hiding when she was released from jail July 17 after being found not guilty of murder in the death of her daughter Caylee.

Anthony, Casey

However, on Monday, a judge ordered Casey to report within three days to Orlando as part of her supervised probation in an unrelated case.

Casey Anthony admitted to fraudulently using her best friend's checks to buy more than $400 worth of clothes and groceries back in 2008.

That took place the month after the disappearance of Caylee, 2. Casey, 25, admitted committing the offense while awaiting trial last year.

Her attorney, Cheney Mason, is fighting the judge's order:

"Any requirement that she return to Orange County (would) put her in great peril, as well as impose a significant cost to taxpayers," he writes.

Mason argued that Anthony had already served out her probation while in jail in the murder case and that the judge's ruling in the check fraud case contained a number of technical errors in ordering Anthony back to Orlando.

Whether she returns to Florida remains to be seen, but we know where she is right now: Ohio, blending in wearing an Ohio State University cap (and creating a PR nightmare for the school even worse than Terrelle Pryor).

In her OSU hat, tight-fitting top and glasses, Anthony checked out some dresses at a local Old Navy store. Casey has relatives in Ohio, though it is unclear if she is staying with them, and/or seeking mental health treatment there.


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The problem is that no matter where her probation is moved to, there is such threat on her life that she will need constant guard any and all times she is out in the public. No matter where she tries to hide, someone will always know her location. And having been such a national headline for so long, someone will always recognize her when out in public. More importantly... I don't even live in FL but would be appalled should FL state or county police be required to use their manpower and incurr additional expenses just to keep her safe each time she must report to her probation officer. I can only imagine the cost of the 4-car, x amount of airplane- decoy plot that was necessary to keep her safe upon her release from prison. What an atrosity she is. As the mother of a 4 year old, I can't imagine having such disregard for my child. She does not deserve to see the light of day.


"Confirmed sighting"? Maybe not. The young lady in the TMZ photo doesn't appear to be as slim, stylish, & seductive as our charming Casey Anthony. Let's wait & see.


I live in Dayton, Ohio and Im sorry but if I see her I would not be able to control myself, the b*tch got away with murdering her own daughter. She doesnt deserve to be walking the earth!!


maybe this is her payback. Being sent back to florida, or go back to jail. The judge is going to make sure she pays some way! Good for u judge. High five. Karma is a mother fucker casey anthony. R.i.p baby caylee, the world loves u and thinks of u everyday.


Sheesh, this bitch is being treated like shes the queen of england.


She's so stupid. The jury too. Who in their right mind would find Satan's wife innocent? Even at my photography studio everyone is pissed! On fb, someone put as their status "Not guilty? WTF?"


I'm from South Africa. As far as I know this woman killed her baby just because she was an inconvenience, so she could go out get plastered and have a good time! How the hell a jury could find her not quilty is beyond my understanding! I hope she doesn't have a moments peace where ever she goes! That goes for the jury as well! What a group of idiots!


Cheney can go to hell, like Casey should have. Her life will be in danger in FL! well the lawyers + jurors did not care about the safety of her dead daughter Caylee and how her life ended. She won't last the winter in Ohio - I guess she can still go to bars, shop, talk on her cell phone - but, she won't be able to take the cold. So you come back here to FL and take the heat!