Casey Anthony Spotted in Ohio; Attorneys Fight Return to Florida

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On the same day Casey Anthony was seen in Ohio - the first confirmed sighting of the acquitted murder suspect since her release - her attorney argued that she will not be safe in Orlando, where a judge ordered her to return.

Anthony went into hiding when she was released from jail July 17 after being found not guilty of murder in the death of her daughter Caylee.

Anthony, Casey

However, on Monday, a judge ordered Casey to report within three days to Orlando as part of her supervised probation in an unrelated case.

Casey Anthony admitted to fraudulently using her best friend's checks to buy more than $400 worth of clothes and groceries back in 2008.

That took place the month after the disappearance of Caylee, 2. Casey, 25, admitted committing the offense while awaiting trial last year.

Her attorney, Cheney Mason, is fighting the judge's order:

"Any requirement that she return to Orange County (would) put her in great peril, as well as impose a significant cost to taxpayers," he writes.

Mason argued that Anthony had already served out her probation while in jail in the murder case and that the judge's ruling in the check fraud case contained a number of technical errors in ordering Anthony back to Orlando.

Whether she returns to Florida remains to be seen, but we know where she is right now: Ohio, blending in wearing an Ohio State University cap (and creating a PR nightmare for the school even worse than Terrelle Pryor).

In her OSU hat, tight-fitting top and glasses, Anthony checked out some dresses at a local Old Navy store. Casey has relatives in Ohio, though it is unclear if she is staying with them, and/or seeking mental health treatment there.

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She's guilty whether an incompetant jury found her so or not and what goes around comes around. She is a bad person and she knows it and she will have to live with that. Whatever evil comes her way is for a reason.


The jury has spoken, let the woman live in peace, God will judge her when she gets to the entrance to the pearly gates whenever that is SHE'S GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL NO STOPS INBETWEEN CAYLEE IS IN HEAVEN HER MURDERER SHOULD NOT BE


Where she is or where she goes,she will never be welcomed or judging just observation. Look what happened to OJ


The jury has spoken, let the woman live in peace, God will judge her when she gets to the entrance to the pearly gates whenever that is.


"That took place the month after the disappearance of Caylee, 2. Casey, 25, admitted committing the offense while awaiting trial last year." Guess she should have thought of all that before breaking the law, if on nothing else provable - these checks she stole from a "best friend". (With friends like that, who needs enemies?)


Casey is NOT wearing her OHIO STATE GEAR to blend in, SHE REALLY IS AN OHIO STATE FAN, just look at the photos of her and her daughter who both wear their OHIO GEAR.. GEEZE GET A GRIP PLEASE.. As far as this judge who thinks he is going to change his order, because he screwed up, he needs to get a grip as well. SERIOUSLY, Bias is right, it's ILLEGAL for a judge to change an order after the order is 60 days old. What he is trying to do is illegal. TRUE most people do start probation when they get out of jail, but it was the judge who did not make his orders clear so he needs to bite the bullet and give this one up.


well - most of you just proved the attorney's case for her!


Bring the lynching mob back out! You know none of you people who threaten her are any better the she is! In Gods eyes no one sin is bigger then another. So keep judging and threatening because its just as bad as murder. I thought we were supposed to be a civilized country! You people are no better then terrorists and suicide bombers!


Sad to say we can't kill her - but we can throw rotten tomatos at her and ride her rear with nasty remarks forever. She will do herself in the same way OJ did, these people are low life scum that don't know HOW to live a decent life.


What?? Not safe in Fla. why?? If she is innocent, why are they worried? Thats her in that vid, smaking her gum, strutting, etc. Too bad Caylee didn't have someone following her around. Seems a bit extreme to be worried about the most notorious liar this country has ever dealt with. She is a thief, murderer, liar, conniving harlot! Go Casey!! Go back to Or Lawn Do, Go to Pinellas co. and live, they love u there. Ohio don't want you and neither does Wyo. Second thought, stay in Ohio, or dare to come to the wild, wild west!! I don't agree that she is an entertainer, or a star, but yes, I do want to know where this murdering slit is!!! Hide yo man, hide yo kids.