Casey Anthony Spotted in Ohio; Attorneys Fight Return to Florida

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On the same day Casey Anthony was seen in Ohio - the first confirmed sighting of the acquitted murder suspect since her release - her attorney argued that she will not be safe in Orlando, where a judge ordered her to return.

Anthony went into hiding when she was released from jail July 17 after being found not guilty of murder in the death of her daughter Caylee.

Anthony, Casey

However, on Monday, a judge ordered Casey to report within three days to Orlando as part of her supervised probation in an unrelated case.

Casey Anthony admitted to fraudulently using her best friend's checks to buy more than $400 worth of clothes and groceries back in 2008.

That took place the month after the disappearance of Caylee, 2. Casey, 25, admitted committing the offense while awaiting trial last year.

Her attorney, Cheney Mason, is fighting the judge's order:

"Any requirement that she return to Orange County (would) put her in great peril, as well as impose a significant cost to taxpayers," he writes.

Mason argued that Anthony had already served out her probation while in jail in the murder case and that the judge's ruling in the check fraud case contained a number of technical errors in ordering Anthony back to Orlando.

Whether she returns to Florida remains to be seen, but we know where she is right now: Ohio, blending in wearing an Ohio State University cap (and creating a PR nightmare for the school even worse than Terrelle Pryor).

In her OSU hat, tight-fitting top and glasses, Anthony checked out some dresses at a local Old Navy store. Casey has relatives in Ohio, though it is unclear if she is staying with them, and/or seeking mental health treatment there.




There are rumors floating that TMZ paid big bucks for these obviously staged photos and videos. Harvey Levin has reached a new low if this is true. I'm pretty sure this murdering POS can buy quite a few Starbucks now. So much for her wanting mental help, it's too bad she didn't seek it before murdering her beautiful daughter, who would have turned six years old today. Justice for Caylee.


Cheney Mason is more crude than the friends I grew up with
in a poor neighborhood in NY. We grew up and out. He should be
ashamed but he wont, he's like Baez, a whore for $$$.
Birds of a feather flock together.


Those pictures in Ohio ARE NOT HER!!!! She, nor would her attorneys dare let her go out with out some kind of security! Gimme a break, TMZ paid a look a like just to fool us. Why else don't u see other people around in ANY OF THOSE PHOTOS! U DIDN'T FOOL ANYONE LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


She better hope she isn't in my area. She disgust's me. Period! People say let it go well I can't! Till she's in hell where she belongs!


It doesn't matter anymore. At least for now, she got away with murder just like O.J. However Wherever she goes sure she's gonna have to watch her back because she won't be safe in hiding for long.


she went to court and was judged innocent!!! leave the woman be..your opinions of her innocence or guilt don't matter a hill of beans..were you there in court to hear everything during the trial?? some of you people are real a-holes..leave her be, she had her day in court.


I went to the TMZ website and watched the video of her casually striding down the sidewalk and walking into the store to shuffle through some clothes on a rack, and I have to say that to me, this woman does not look enough like Casey Anthony to be Casey Anthony. Not that I know her, but judging by photos we've all seen, I dohave my doubts that that's her.


The outlook for this girl is not good.


A woman and her little girl saved an endangered baby woodpecker from being eaten by a cat. The law showed up at her door . And she could face 1 year for interfering with the bird. Casey Anthony murders her baby, and walks . OK.... See the injustice here?