Casey Anthony Ordered Back to Orlando; Must Report to Probation Officer

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People can soon stop asking "Where is Casey Anthony?"

The acquitted murder suspect went into hiding after her July 17 release, with people speculation that she was everywhere from California to the Bahamas.

Thanks to a judge's order, however, Anthony soon will return to her native Orlando, Fla., within the next three days to report to a local probation office.

Casey Anthony, Hair

Orange County Judge Stan Strickland signed court documents requiring Anthony to serve a year of supervised probation on her check fraud charges.

"She should report to probation, probably within 72 hours," Strickland said.

Last year, Srickland sentenced Anthony - then awaiting trial for murder - on charges that she stole a friend's checkbook and forged several checks.

Last week, he said he intended for Anthony to go to supervised probation upon her release. Department of Corrections officials misinterpreted that order.

Believing that Casey Anthony had served her probation while in jail, her lawyers did not have her report to probation. That's what she must do this week.

It is unclear where Anthony will stay when she returns to Orlando, but you can bet there will be police officers protecting her at every turn.

Anthony, who has received myriad threats since she got out of jail, where she spent nearly 1,000 days since 2008, has said through her legal team that she will be undergoing major mental health treatment.


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