Camille Grammer: Sorry For Penis Remark, Still Not a Fan of Kelsey However

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Camille Grammer says she regrets disparaging Kelsey Grammer's small penis, but make no mistake, she is still bitter toward her former husband.

The Real Housewife tells TMZ: "While the media added words and blew it out of proportion, I acknowledge my part in this and regret my remarks."

"Some joking remarks I made to Kyle Richards got picked up and caused my ex-husband great embarrassment and for that I sincerely apologize."

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Camille goes on to complain that she wants to settle their differences and move on with her life, "but Kelsey just seems to want to fight this."

Specifically, she claims "I offered a 50/50 physical split with joint custody and was soundly rejected." Moreover, he's cut off communication.

"I fear the message we're sending our children," says the former Mrs. Grammer. "Now he will only communicate with me through lawyers."

Or Katye Walsh, who responded to the remark about Kelsey's package by insinuating that perhaps Camille's vadge just wasn't getting it done.

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Fraiser Lame is CRAZY for letting Camille go! And really, a 26(?) year old flight attendant? Come on, Kelsey, just buy a new Lambo and suck it up through the rest of your 3/4 life crisis. She may be over 40, but the woman is still smokin' hot and seemed to honestly love her ex-husband. I don't understand how she's the "bad guy" in this fight.
I'd give my last breath to have a night or two with her! He, on the other hand, 5- is that right or is it 4 previous marriages? Guy's got a problem. Besides, Cali law is 50/50. It's pretty obvious he thinks he's done no wrong by leaving her and their two adorable kids.
No man with any self-respect or backbone (or true love) would do that to his "family".
Fault- Kelsey
Still hot and will probably come out on top- Camille.


I've had an affair with this woman for 6 months in 2001 and she is a total slut and gold digger. I have video and pic's that will come out soon.


Money!! Money!!! Money!!! It all revolves around money!!!


@ Alex O'Brien, very very very well put


It doesn't matter how much money you have, when you're in a marriage and you love that person, to lose them in such a humiliating way is a hard blow. Camille got with Kelsey when he was a hot mess. He was going through 1000's every week on cocaine and had it not been for her, he'd probably be dead by now. Then, he takes off to NY to do a play, leaving Camille and the kids in LA, her thinking he's working hard but instead he's screwing someone else. She found out about this affair on tv, nice, huh? So, I don't care how much money he or she has, some things are far more important. If she didn't love Kelsey and only cared about his money, she would simply turn around and haul ass to the bank, laughing the whole way there, not caring what he's done or who he did it with. While I do find her to be somewhat snobbish, I don't believe she deserves what Kelsey and his newest bimbo are putting her through.


Money makes ‘em bigger, huh?


Leo, simply Camille is hurt because she loved the man and thought "till death do us part" actually meant it. She is allowed to be hurt.


WOW...How dumb is she. The fact that you would talk about your ex's little unit. You married him, so there had to be something you like about it. But then again, I think she only married the guy for his money.


Correction: "doesn't want to 'be' bothered..."


How tacky of Camille. And Kayte needs to keep queit. No one wants to hear anything from the "other" woman. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" left me with the impression that Camille truly doesn't want to bothered with those children. The nannies seem more nurturing than their own mother, but that's just my opinion.