Britney Spears in Concert: Pole Dancing for Jason Trawick!

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Britney Spears combined her professional life and her personal life last night, in the most seductive of ways!

The singer took to the stage in Long Island's Nassau Coliseum and was joined there by boyfriend Jason Trawick... who was handcuffed to a pole and decked out in a boa. Britney then proceeded to belt out a version of "Leather & Lace" while gyrating for her man. And thousands of fans, of course.

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The whole thing was almost too much for Brit, who laughed halfway through the routine and announced: "He's never coming back!"

Watch the pole dance take place below, along with another performance from last night's show.


Why are u judging her so hard ? Well yeah she is a mom but she's just trying to make her songs and concert fun and good....
Why can't she live her life like she is trying to ??
Her job is to be a singer with a little entertaining and she probably is a good mom... you dont know it ! You cant always believe everything from the news !
I bet it is harder to have a mom who everyone hates and are judging.. so what's the point ? It doesn't make u better !


Moms are not always slender, and her kids are 4 and 5 and are way to young to care less what their "mom" does, and she is a lousy singer and a slut and a poor excuse for a mom anyway. I feel sorry for her kids because she is so ignorant.


Some of britney fans are dumb. Why would anyone play money to not even really sing? An award show is different but your own concert unreal if i were a britney fan i would feel disrespected


She is aweful. Saw her concert in Philly on 7/30. She lip-synced her songs and hardly dance. Too much fluff. Nicki Minaj Was AMAZING though


Eww. She's husky and plump and looks ridiculous in those outfits. Plus she's a mom too. Ick. How embarrassing for her kids.

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