Brenda Song: Pregnant! Trace Cyrus the Father!

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Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus are expecting their first child together and we know what you're thinking: Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus are dating?!?

Yes, according to Celebuzz, and they've kept it quiet for several months now. The Disney actress, 23, is best known for her role in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and is eight weeks along, a source says, adding:

“They are beyond thrilled."

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Trace, of course, is the older brother of Miley Cyrus. He dated Demi Lovato for awhile in 2009 and a member of the band Metro Station. He also owns a clothing company called Southern Made.

Our best wishes to this couple and their unborn child!


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dont listen to the mean people that are saying those awful things about your boyfreind.Girl if you realy love him you wont listen to what other people think just listen to your heart.If he has tatoos on his body,so what? Its whats inside of him that realy counts, and you know what? those people that are saying those things dont know Trace like you do. So dont you listen to anyone else but yourself. p.s. Love your acting!


God Bless You! :)


Hi Brenda I am a big fan I wish you and trace the best of wishes. I love the show. I wish you and trace a wonderful life together. I hope you get this.


Dear Brenda , I love sweet life on deck I loved London but GIRL you can't have tattoos your gorges so please I am your number one FAN in the intiyer WORLD please please divorce with truce Cyrus your butiful and don't take this the hard way His UGLY!! YAY ME💰💰💰!!!!!
From your biggest FAN Sophie B Leone$$$$$$$


u seriously fucked up brenda trace cyrus such a jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow. It shouldnt matter who she's have a baby with. As long as their happy. Besides Trace may not be the most appealing guy you will meet but tattoos make a guy sexy. It doesnt make them a deliquent its their art on their body. Theyre showing their art the way they want.


Brenda Brenda Brenda what's wrong with you Baby. Brenda you are fine as Fuck. Were you dared by your friends to be with Trace. Baby that boy is Fucked up on every inch of his body. He looks like one of the Zombies from the living dead. Brenda Baby when you were looking for Love why did you have stop at the animal shelter and settled on the first ugly mut you saw. Because if you were looking for a ugly man to fall in Love with there are plenty of us that you could have picked from that look 100% better than that mut that you're with now. I'm Sorry Gorgeous but I really think that you should put that beast out of his misery and put it to sleep once and for all. Lloyd Colbert


I don't think brena is good for awesome trace I think he should be single.


I don't think they are a good couple


Brenda u are so pretty but how could u go for a guy like trace. He has tattoos all over his body and dat is so disgusting

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