Brandi Glanville and Gerard Butler: New Couple Alert?

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Are Brandi Glanville and Gerard Butler an item? That's the implication of new tabloid reports claiming the two took part in a public make out session.

On August 27, Life & Style reports, "They were at a private beach party - drinks were flowing, one thing led to another." We all know what that means.

"Next thing you know," a witness says, "They're dancing together to music, hands started getting frisky and it was a full-on make-out! Everyone saw it!"

Gerard Butler Picture
A Brandi Glanville Picture

Everyone saw it. We're convinced. So why is there no pic? "One girl tried to snap a photo of it on her phone, but Gerard politely asked for privacy."

Gerard, who has been filming the surfing movie Mavericks in Malibu, has been linked to Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Naomi Campbell in the past.

Brandi split with ex Eddie Cibrian, who cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes, in 2009, then joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 cast.



I don't think I'll take your word for it nothing but the truth. there is still no proof not from you or anyone. With a so-called friend like you who needs enemies. And no wonder he's not returning her calls if she makes those kinds of degrading comments that's if anything happened at all which I doubt. She's just looking for publicity in any way shape or form, no matter at whose expense. And your comment was degrading to both of them. It's disgusting.


I know for fact that Brandi took Gerard home, F'd him and the next day she text friends to say that Gerard has a skinny dick. Now Brandi is freaking out and crying to have her friends make it right with him because he refuses to take her calls. Having mutual friends with Brandi makes telling the truth easy!!!


Hellll noooooooo.... first of all , we don't know if the make out session is even true...... with all those people around , obviously someone besides the girl who supposedly tried to take a pic and was asked not to,could've easily snapped a pic without Gerard Butler even knowing.Secondly, if this make-out session was true then it still doesn't mean that they're a couple ... Remember the make-out session with the violin girl in Venice beach?...


Brandi looks like a man,if anyone this is a good thing for gerry,then none of you have good taste.


I wonder too why there's no picture if it's true. I mean if they were OK to make out in front of everybody why then have a problem with a picture? Nobody should have had to ask, just snap it already! Lol! Btw, I have no problem with Brandi, good looking woman, closer to his age. Eddie Cibrian dumped her and she has the right to move on and I'm all for her to move on with a handsome guy like Gerry. She's notches above his usual lays and an improvement as far as I'm concerned.


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This man is beautiful why is he with pure UGLY, he must b hard up, or just needs to get laid .....

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