Big Brother Recap: Double Eviction Mayhem!

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In a season that has felt yawn-worthy at times, Thursday night's Big Brother double eviction episode was anything but. It was as big a shake-up as you could ask for.

Following Jeff's decision to back door Danieie, Evel Dick's daughter battled hard to stay, leaving the outcome uncertain. Could she somehow rally three votes?

That was just the first part of Thursday's episode, with the rest cramming a week's worth of Big Brother into a half hour. The results? Surprising, to say the least.

THG recaps last night's Big Brother mania below ...

Daniele Donato Picture

You knew Daniele would not go down without a fight. She's too much of a scrapper. But watching her convince Shelly, who in turn lobbied Adam and - seriously - Rachel to keep Dani? Impressive campaigning made this interesting really fast. Plus 6.

Minus 2 for the Zingbot flashback. We got the chills.

Adam was not to be persuaded, though. Life as Jeff's lapdog is just too good. Minus 4, because Mr. Metal Head may be the weakest player in the house.

Minus 7 for not showing Jeff and Shelly's screaming match when he somehow learned she was trying to rally votes against him. What tipped him off?

Daniele's eviction speech was almost a carbon copy of Dominic's. Plus 8, 'cause we really enjoyed his speech, and therefore hers. Someone's gotta say it!

Plus 4 more for her dress. Not everyone can pull that off.

Adam actually came to the Diary Room with the vote 2-2 and all the power in his hands. Plus 3 for the suspense, Minus 6 for choosing the easy way out.

Before the dust settled from Dani's ouster, the entire season turned on its head when Kalia stunned Jordan to win HoH! Plus 12 for that major "shocker!"

Jeff Schroeder Picture

Jeff and Rachel went up on the block. Good strategic move. Plus 2.

Plus 10 more for an even bigger stunner - Porsche winning the veto! Minus 3 for openly saying Dani wouldn't want her to use it, but still, she won. Props.

Big Jeff was PISSED all night, but never more so than when pitted against Rachel and forced to campaign in mere minutes. He couldn't deal. Minus 10.

Rachel, clearly believing she was safe, delivered a speech that was as boring as it was confusing, while using the word "game" 12 times, obvi. Minus 4.

After a tied vote (Adam and Jordan evicting Rachel), Kalia sent Jeff packing. He departed by again berating Shelly - LIVE - about their fight. Minus 3.

Jordan cried. We'll miss Big Jeff too, we have to admit. Minus 7.

Speaking with Julie, Jeff summed up his stunning exit from the Big Brother house with these eloquent words: "Nobody in there has a sack." Plus 12.

Sad as we are to see Jeff and Daniele out, the game is now wide open - six players, two even alliances and NO clear favorite going forward. Plus 9.

How surprised is Brendon going to be in the jury house? Plus 3.


Of the final six, who's going to win Big Brother?


Sue...Jordan screaming had nothing to do with Jeff leaving it had to do with the betrayal of Shelly and their friendship especially after Jordan gave her the call from home for the humilitard. If you are going to quote something, you might want to quote the entire conversations...from Jordan even saying she feels betrayed by Shelly, not because Jeff is gone but because she trusted her and thought of her like a mother and then she completely betrayed her.


I believe the question at the end was who is going to win, not who do you want to win. Jordan has a 20% chance at this point to move forward. She was a mess last night, and VERY mean spirited. So much for she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Was a HUGE Jordan fan before last night. Rachel even said "stop Jordan, this is not you", humm or maybe it is. It is times like this that can bring out peoples true colors.Remember its a game, you got, got !

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