Big Brother Recap: Double Eviction Mayhem!

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In a season that has felt yawn-worthy at times, Thursday night's Big Brother double eviction episode was anything but. It was as big a shake-up as you could ask for.

Following Jeff's decision to back door Danieie, Evel Dick's daughter battled hard to stay, leaving the outcome uncertain. Could she somehow rally three votes?

That was just the first part of Thursday's episode, with the rest cramming a week's worth of Big Brother into a half hour. The results? Surprising, to say the least.

THG recaps last night's Big Brother mania below ...

Daniele Donato Picture

You knew Daniele would not go down without a fight. She's too much of a scrapper. But watching her convince Shelly, who in turn lobbied Adam and - seriously - Rachel to keep Dani? Impressive campaigning made this interesting really fast. Plus 6.

Minus 2 for the Zingbot flashback. We got the chills.

Adam was not to be persuaded, though. Life as Jeff's lapdog is just too good. Minus 4, because Mr. Metal Head may be the weakest player in the house.

Minus 7 for not showing Jeff and Shelly's screaming match when he somehow learned she was trying to rally votes against him. What tipped him off?

Daniele's eviction speech was almost a carbon copy of Dominic's. Plus 8, 'cause we really enjoyed his speech, and therefore hers. Someone's gotta say it!

Plus 4 more for her dress. Not everyone can pull that off.

Adam actually came to the Diary Room with the vote 2-2 and all the power in his hands. Plus 3 for the suspense, Minus 6 for choosing the easy way out.

Before the dust settled from Dani's ouster, the entire season turned on its head when Kalia stunned Jordan to win HoH! Plus 12 for that major "shocker!"

Jeff Schroeder Picture

Jeff and Rachel went up on the block. Good strategic move. Plus 2.

Plus 10 more for an even bigger stunner - Porsche winning the veto! Minus 3 for openly saying Dani wouldn't want her to use it, but still, she won. Props.

Big Jeff was PISSED all night, but never more so than when pitted against Rachel and forced to campaign in mere minutes. He couldn't deal. Minus 10.

Rachel, clearly believing she was safe, delivered a speech that was as boring as it was confusing, while using the word "game" 12 times, obvi. Minus 4.

After a tied vote (Adam and Jordan evicting Rachel), Kalia sent Jeff packing. He departed by again berating Shelly - LIVE - about their fight. Minus 3.

Jordan cried. We'll miss Big Jeff too, we have to admit. Minus 7.

Speaking with Julie, Jeff summed up his stunning exit from the Big Brother house with these eloquent words: "Nobody in there has a sack." Plus 12.

Sad as we are to see Jeff and Daniele out, the game is now wide open - six players, two even alliances and NO clear favorite going forward. Plus 9.

How surprised is Brendon going to be in the jury house? Plus 3.


Of the final six, who's going to win Big Brother?


Has everyone forgotten that Jeff and Jordon also lied to people who trusted them (Dani & Brendan)! This season Jeff has been nothing but a big bully and so disrespectful to Jordon. No man should talk to any woman the way he talks to Jordon. If you watched the live feeds you would know this.


Jordan didn't confront Shelly. Shelly was being typical Shelly & listening to others conversations & butting in. Jordan could except Jeff being evicted it was the fact that Shelly did it. On the after show Shelly makes promises that no one asks for. She was crying to Jordan for hours after Rachel called her a liar. She told Jordan, I don't care about winning as long as the 3 of us are friends outside the home & that Jordan & Jeff meant the world to her & she would never go against them. At some point everyone has to turn on their alliance but they promised each other they would not do it until final 5. Shelly jumped ship & it hurt Jordan. But in no way did Jordan confront Shelly, she came into the room where Jordan was.


Shelly makes me sick, she pretends to be this loving mother. I have an 11-yr old and would not be so selfish to leave him to play the game. If you see the pics of her house, you know she is full of BS. I hope her daughter isn't watching her too closely. She is teaching here that she can do anything in the name of money.


I liked Jeff n Jord on thier season but this year I think we seen two totally differant ppl. Jeff has been very jackass type over n over this season he has acted as if he ran the house honestly Dani should have gotten him out last week not brendon i think she would have still been there if she got him out. as for Jord she acts all hollier tgan thou but truth is she has gone back on deals over and over again she hasnt won nothing jeff threw her the hoh she did win so if you ask me


Sue you are an idiot. Jordan was not mean spirited. She was betrayed and rightfully so................. Shelly is a scumbag............ Her daughter should be ashamed of her. I hope jordan or rachel win.


are you kidding me Sue...jordan didn't confront the video..shelly came into room and got in jordan's face after jordan told her she didn't want to talk to her...please give me a break..jordan doesn't have a mean bone in her body...shelly on the other hand will be disgusted with herself...talking honesty and integrity...she will be so ashamed when she see that a 41 year old woman..regardless if it is Big Brother sold herself to the devil for nothing...shelly was always playing for one will vote for her in the jury...they need to start realizing that jeff jordan rachael and brendon...hold the votes for the half a million...shelly will never get there votes...she is the worst big brother player in history..i really feel sorry for her little girl..who behaves the way her mother did on national tv...taking rachael's dog and saying she was going to cut it up....let's talk about mean spirit....please.....


Shelly is such a disappointment. This season just has a shady side to it. I have watched them all and never have seen "production" brought up so much. Shady, Shady, Schady CBS. What once was fun is now contrived.


It seems everyone forgot how feisty Jordon can get. Last night after hearing about Shelly and Jordon, it was easy to remember the fight between Russell and Jordon.


Give me a break! She went off on Shelly because she betrayed her. Jordan has a good heart ( phone call? ) but she doesn't walk on water. Is she never suppose to get upset or angry?


Sue - you are forgetting that Jordan gave up the call from home to Shelly so she could hear her daughter! That, in itself, is disgusting - since it was ONE Week AGO. If you're going to be a backstabbing person (Shelly) - OWN IT - do not cry about it when people tell you about yourself. NO respect for Shelly. I didn't like what Evel Dick did; but could respect him because he made no apologies and didn't whine.

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