Ben Flajnik to Star as The Bachelor!

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Ben Flajnik won over many hearts this season on The Bachelorette.

Ashley Hebert shattered his on the season finale, leaving the Californian dazed after he got down on one knee to propose to her. It was difficult to watch.

He's back on his feet emotionally, however, and will soon get a second chance at reality TV love: Sources report Wednesday that he's the next Bachelor!

The 28-year-old winemaker is the next star of the ABC hit, Us reports. The new season will begin early next year, with Ben doling out the roses.

Ben Flajnik on The Bachelorette

Ben was noticeably surprised - and upset - when Ashley rejected him.

Though ABC has yet to announce its choice, Ben's strong popularity with fans made him a consensus top pick despite other worthy contenders for the spot.

"They think he'll be ratings gold," says the insider of Flajnik, a favorite of viewers. "His [August 6] date with Jennifer Love Hewitt was icing on the cake!"

Shortly after The Bachelorette finale, Ben Flajnik posted a Tweet that implied (though didn't directly say) he'd been offered the chance to star on The Bachelor.

Looks like he took it. January can't get here fast enough.

Talk to THG: Is Ben the right choice for The Bachelor?




ABSOLUTELY! I wasn't going to watch anymore after the thing Ashley
needlessly put him through. He is so endearing and open, I couldn't
see why Ashley didn't pick him; she certainly acted like it with leading him on so strongly. How many men did she "fall for" on that very show; such as Bentley or whatever when he plain out told her he wasn't attracted and thought she was an ugly duckling. How could she have been so conniving with Ben? With her insecurities,
J.P. will soon tire or having to "raise the baby Ashley." I love Ben and if I was younger I'd definitely have gone for him. Ashley thinks she'll have the more money w/J.P. We don't want to see anymore dumb Ashleys on the bachelorette. She's the worse yet!


@nikki That's a great question. I've been wondering the same thing for years!


this is good


@nikki - That's been done, it was called For the Love of Ray J. PS call me


I want to know when will we have a black, mexican, r asian bachelor or bachelorette??

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