Ashton Kutcher Offers Credit Card Debt Advice, Covers Katy Perry at Teen Choice Awards

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Ashton Kutcher is already a better role model than Charlie Sheen.

The actor, who debuts on Two and a Half Men on September 19, took home the Choice Movie Actor/Romantic Comedy surfboard for No Strings Attached at last night's Teen Choice Awards. Upon taking the stage, he offered the following valuable advice to all in viewers:

"Don't ever charge anything on a credit card if you don't already have the money in the bank to pay for it."

It's true, people. Don't let credit card debt consolidation ads fool you. Just spend wisely. Also, check out Kutcher randomly belting out a cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" at the ceremony, as attendees - including Taylor Swift! - join in:


Ashton Kutcher gives us advice that our own government does not even follow. Cut spending, President Obama, please!! Our country cannot continue to spend money it does not have. Do not blame the Tea Party or other conservatives for the spending spree and asking that spending be cut. Why don't we all take Mr. Kutcher's advice and that includes Washington!!!

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