Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum: The Bachelorette Made Us Dig Deep!

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She had to three endure months of tears (William Holman), deceitful lies (Bentley Williams), surprise exits (Constantine, Lucas), betrayals (Bentley again) and even criticism from one of her own siblings (Chrystie Corns).

But through it all, Ashley Hebert met J.P. Rosenbaum. For that she is ever grateful.

"I've never looked back for a second on my decision," she says.

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In fact, Ashley credits J.P., who proposed to her in Fiji, with helping her recover from her ill-fated romance with that two-timing ass clown Bentley.

She also says her relationship with the 34-year-old New York construction manager didn't truly begin until The Bachelorette finale had come and gone.

"Our relationship really started after we left the show," she says, despite the secrecy. "The show made us stronger than if we'd met on the outside."

Like many Bachelor and Bachelorette couples before, watching the events each week - Bentley, Ashley's affection for Ben Flajnik โ€“ challenged them.

"It stings," Rosenbaum admits of watching Hebert's journey.

But, Hebert says, open communication is what fortified their relationship โ€“ both over the subject matter and the tabloid scrutiny that has followed.

"You make it through something like this together, you can make it through anything," Rosenbaum says, and we hope he's right. Think he is?


The show "Bachelorette" the show is to be a "reality" show. I wonder how many women would be wearing a $16.000 dress awaiting to be asked "Will you marry me" The answer is simple. NONE


addendum 2: After all jealousy isn't love anyway. It's fear.


addendum to prior message: In conscious love jealously just disappears and is no longer an issue as well as other insecurities.


Ashley and JP, perhaps a next step for you is the concept of "Conscious Love","having the impassioned desire that the loved person reach their full perfection independent of the consequences to the lover.", very powerful stuff. I have an old cassette I can convert to an MP3 file on these teaching that will allow you to take your relationship to an incredibly conscious level.


i think she made a mistake by choosing jp over ben

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