Arnold Schwarzenegger Turns 64, Celebrates Birthday With Maria Shriver

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Just over a month after filing for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver accompanied her soon-to-be-former-spouse to lunch Saturday.

The occasion? His 64th birthday!

Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger Pic

As they dined at Barney's in Beverly Hills, Shriver and Schwarzenegger were joined by two of their four kids, sons Patrick and Christopher.

Christopher Schwarzenegger, 13, was released from the hospital Tuesday after a bodysurfing accident. He's going to make a full recovery.

After lunch, the pair - who have been estranged since his affair with Mildred Patricia Baena was exposed - were seen shopping, as well.

While Arnold initially refused to pay Maria spousal support in his divorce papers (he later changed his tune and revised the documents), Shriver picked up the lunch tab, ordering the birthday boy an espresso to boot.

Nice to see they're keeping things amicable.


Two mature minds,gud 1


Very Good Maria. YOU BOTH ARE THE WINNERS. Please don't divorce and Be Happy the rest of your life. The past mistakes are only the past. The World is a good place to live and It is not good to fight for money, and for "extra-marital mistakes", etc, etc.
MARIA PLEASE MOVE AWAY FROM CALIFORNIA WITH YOUR 63 y.o. "boy-friend", and Please keep your life simple living in an SMALL APARTMENT , order your meals (NOT housekeepers! around). To avoid the Arnold's tentations, Maria decor the Apartment with few things: one Elliptical (exercise) 1 huge bed for both of you and 1 TV no more items. No kitchen, no sofa, no chairs, no mirrors, nothing to clean, & No clutter the space. Love/Hugs.


I am dumbfounded by the descision Maria has made. So hasty to take in the view of the media hate.With all your expertise in news and royalty, to allow this huge mistake cause such a drastic descision just for the public image. I think its disgraceful, on her part. Had Arnolds world come crashing down with all sorts of womens tales, come flowing out of the closet,like Tiger Woods, then yes Maria would have reason, but this man hater attitude enveloped by Oprah, is total self destruction. I always admired Maria, for her healthy habits. This putting her persoanal life in front of us, instead of trying to keep it quiet, so that sound descisions can be made, huge mistake number two


Maria stop playing for the public and just move back in. Arnold just wanted a little bit of stinky mexican pussy. Get real! Help pay someone's mortgage and stop thinking about how your family got their money from bootlegging. Your pussy is not made out of gold. That goes for Caroline Kennedy you ugly ho- get a face life with the bucks you have. Sick ass bitches.

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