Arnold Schwarzenegger: Dissing Maria Shriver Hard With T-Shirt?

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I Survived Maria.

Probably the best message for Arnold Schwarzenegger to sport on a t-shirt while bike riding in Santa Monica Sunday, given how badly he betrayed his wife.

Could the actor really be dissing her so hard after putting her through a love child scandal? Check out the shirt below - but there's actually more to this:

Arnold Schwarzenegger T-Shirt

According to TMZ, which took these photos, they did some digging and learned that the former Governor got the shirt at a farewell party for the staff last year.

In other words, before their marriage unraveled.

The shirts were designed by Maria's staff, as a joke. The one they gave Arnold had 2007 (the year most of the staff members started working for him) crossed out and 1977 (the year they started dating) scribbled above.

Wearing it in public is a surprise move, but it's entirely unrelated to the scandal, and despite the tumultuous last few months, Arnold and Maria remain on very amicable terms as they hammer out their impending divorce.

[Photos: TMZ]


How about a new sglaon? Those who play and want others to pay cannot vote on abortion rights.


To the idiot Viktor, Maria Shriver is not just the Mother of 4, but a respected journalist and reporter. If you are going to be insulting to women for standing up for their rights and demanding the Father of their children stand up and be responsible for his share of their support, then get your facts straight. Not just that but what is wrong with being a feminist, they are and always will be strong women that will not put up with men like you and "ARNY" and your crap!!


Arnold is a good man ! hard working and a good Father . Self made too. Respect for that Arny.
Maria is spoiled feminist rich women . Lets be honst here a ...!! Maria get a job stop liching of Arnold .


We like the T-shirt . Arnold is a good man ! Hard working and self made . And a good Father .
Maria is . a rich feminist lazy women !!! We all know that . Lets be honst here A ...!! Her whole life she had nannys and maids . Maria get a job , stop be a big baby


It's bad enough upon leaving office we find out that his womanizing ways &
DISRESPECT for his wife have Unsurfaced 10 ILLEGITIMATE children.
And if that wern't bad enough for Maria to endure her tries to get out of
payin Spousal Support. I wonder if Mr. wonderful Ex-Govenor of
KALI-fornia intends to deny financial support for the 10 illigetimate children
that we know of THUS FAR as well? You would think that after years of
living in Hollywood & living in the State Capital the he would be able to
CORRECTLY pronounce CALIFORNIA, i bet he can't even Spell It!!
In Closing you think that it couldn't get any WORSE and then we are
Subjected to Arnold's unnerving, egotistical, Self Centered, ill mannered,
& BAD TASTE in apparel advertising upon his T-shirt that he, " SURVIVED
Maria." In all ACTUALITY it's a MIRACLE that Maria Shriver, SURVIVED


My Bahamas went to Matrimony and all I got was this lousy t-shirt


2 the comment up above... Wut the hell r u readin??!?! Ur comment is waayy off, try again


I can not Believe that Jake is so Nieve to give the 3rd rose to Vianna. Gia should have gotten the rose, If Jake would think with his head instead of his privite part he would see that Gia really cares for him . He should have picked her when he was the Bachelor but Vianna is such a munipulator even Casey has fell under her spell. They are both thinking with there privite parts instead of there heads . I really like Jake he is a really nice guy but maybe that is why he doesn't see the real Vianna . Jake open your eyes and take a good look, the whole world can see right through this self centered person why can't you. you derserve better. Gia is the real deal open your eyes and see what is right in front of you man. you could be happy but your hurt her so maybe you don't derserve her. Just don't get it Jake you idiot .....

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