Arena Movie Trailer: Kellan Lutz Goes Russell Crowe

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A well-muscled man is forced to compete in fights to the death with other individuals, but granted the chance to win his freedom if he comes out on top of enough battles in a row.

Sound familiar? Like a certain Oscar-winning movie from 2000 that starred Russell Crowe?

Yes, Arena has many Gladiator qualities, but so what? That film ruled! And this one features a fun cast of Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga), Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) and Samuel L. Jackson (every other movie ever made). Check out the official trailer for this October 11 release now:


Jackson is a Racist! Just like those involved in the Knoxville 2007 Murders




Samuel L. Jackson was the best part of this mediocre movie. I would definitely say Arena is a rental-only. Still though, I suppose it was worth seeing especially with a cost effective way of renting movies like Blockbuster Movie Pass. It gives me DVD’s, Blurays and video games by mail, with the in-store exchanges option (if they’re really bad), plus streaming and 20 movie channels. Pretty good for $10 a month. To make it even better I love telling people who call into my work (DISH Network) that they can get 12 months of Blockbuster Movie Pass completely free when they sign up.

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