Anne Hathaway Wants to Be Kate Middleton

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Anne Hathaway is obsessed with Kate Middleton - her words, not ours - so it's not a surprise that she'd love to portray her if such an opportunity ever arose.

While both women are gorgeous, to say the least, Anne's attempt at a British accent in her new rom-com One Day is enough to give the UK public pause.

Their beloved princess' voice mustn't be butchered, after all.

Is Kate Too Thin?
Royal Anne

When faced with what surely sounded like an innocuous red-carpet question, Hathaway said she would not rule out the possibility of playing the Duchess.

“Yes, why not," she said. "She’s great. It’s such a fairy tale.”

Commenters on the Sun (UK) website were not too thrilled.

“Stay away from that role,” warns one, succinctly summing up the views of many who feel that despite Anne's talent, “You have a rubbish British accent.”

What do you think? Would Anne make a good Duchess? If not, who would you prefer to see in the role? Also, is Kate Middleton losing too much weight?



Kate she's a good wife & she's simple and great she's kind i Luv her


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Anne is simply stunning and talented but if the accent stinks I don't think she should play Kate even if given the chance. And yes, I think Kate may be getting too thin but I can totally understand why. Some people over eat or do other things when really stressed or nervous and some people can't eat and end up losing weight when stressed. I'm willing to bet Kate is just a big bundle of nerves right now, with so many eyes on her all the time that she is just so nervous about everything she does being picked apart by everyone that she just is to wound up to eat right and well. I do not think she is starving herself to be thin. I think that she is just overwhelmed as anyone would be in that situation. I hope she has support and can get over that because she is so pretty and seems like such a great girl. I hope she sees that and knows that her husband married her because he loves her and she is just fine as she is. Good luck Kate!

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