Anderson Cooper Takes Swipe at Chris Brown, Rom-Com Role

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Deservedly or not, Chris Brown continues to bear the brunt of media scrutiny over an event that took place almost 2.5 years ago now. Case in point:

He got a role in a romantic comedy. Good for him, right? Sure, but Anderson Cooper still took a shot at him and referenced the Rihanna incident.

"Ladies and gentlemen, particularly ladies, Chris Brown has been cast in a movie. And not just any movie, it's a romantic comedy based on a self-help book about relationships," Cooper said recently on CNN's AC 360.

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"And I, for one, can not imagine why this did not happen sooner because if there's one thing you can say about Chris Brown, who's currently on probation for viciously assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna, he just oozes romance."


Cooper went on to point out one of Brown's early YouTube apologies to Rihanna and fans as another point of conflict. To Chris' credit, he responded to the CNN anchor's comments on Twitter in the best possible way.

"I guess people need ratings!" Brown wrote. "Lol! It's cool. Much Love."

Wow. If he acts like that more often, people really will leave him alone! He can be taught! A ratings joke back at AC is harmless enough, right?

Hey, at least he brushed it off and didn't play the victim, didn't complain and didn't blow up. It's a step in the right direction if nothing else.

As for the new movie, it is called Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, a film adaptation of Steve Harvey's bestselling book of the same name.

Production is already underway in Los Angeles and the film is slated to hit theaters in April 2012. BET first reported Chris getting the role.



Hitting a women or any human being is compeltely wrong. But When Some One let there Anger get the best of them they can become very dangerous. As we can see chris brown is still muturing and is trying his best he has looked to religion and even took therapy for what he has done. If rihanna can forgive him then so can we its not us he need acceptence from because for every hater there are ten lovers but he need acceptence from his self he is the one who has to live his life. I don't think he would hurt anyone else nd rude comments don't help the situation. Mike tyson lives a decent life with scrunity and he beat Robin Givens just a food for thought


Is an insult from Anderson Cooper really an insult at all? I would think not. As for Chris Brown, I am sure he will survive this without much trouble. LOL! Anderson Cooper (of all people)throwing out insults... What's next? LMAO!


Whoevr talks rubish bout Chris shud go hang themselves! Nothin u do or say will break Breezy, u didn't make him, so u can't break him. Why r y'all so bitter bout an incident that hapened way back? The boy is going places, he s gat massive talent, the sooner u swallow that the better. Stop judgin Chris Brown and get on wit ur miserable lives. Chris is the best singer and dancer of his generation, and he is drop-dead gorgeous! So haters nothin u do or say can change that. I love u Breezy!


"I hate tha people don't give Chris a chance an all he is trying to do is make his way back to the top buh it's people like this trying to drag him back dwn anyways Happy 6 year anniversary Chris." Second chance to do what, beat another woman? Some of you folks need to wake up. A man beating a woman is a serious thing. Back in my day, we called men who did that "sissies". Chris is a sissie, and deserves no other chances.


im pretty sure this was from a bit he does called the rediculist sp ... When u think about it it is pretty dumb he would be in a romantic comedy. The fact is he may be able to close his anger some but he will most likely always be a man that lets his temper get the best of him and i am sure he will hit again. If i neva seen rihanas face than i wouldnt think this but the degree in which he hit her shows that he really doesnt care. Theres a difference between a shoving match and punching a girl in da face. As far as cooper being racist hell no hes nt! He was the first person there helping afta katrina hati middle east uprisings... This man immediatly flys half way across the world to help ppl and many times these are blk ppl so his opinion may have nt been needed but hes no racists.


I might give Chris a chance if he became a better person & learned from his mistakes. But the fake tears thing & flipping out during an interview shows he cannot control his anger. If he beat & bit your sister or mother & wasn't famous would you forgive so easily or is it just because he's famous? I am so tired of everyone turning the other cheek so easily just because someone is famous. Celebrities should not be held any higher than you or I.


@luzz chris is srry 4 wat he did and hes payn da price 4 it i luv chris and hate it wen ignorant ppl tlk about him dat jst proves they hav no life...and da white dude is racist alwys bring black ppl dwn ugh but its cool cuz they go get theirs and chris brown will alwys hav teambreezy n his corner so da haters cant break him and him gettn dat deal jst proved dat he still on top...rihanna aint da victim n my opinion she actually made da whole thing sound bad even tho it wasnt if yall knew da truth yall wouldn b hatn on chris yall will b hatn on rihanna but yall dont so yall jst base things of 1 story dats a lie....i will alwys luv chris brown no matter wat i stand 4 him


Anderson Cooper - and all of you....get off this kid's back!!! He's done everything he was ordered to do. The Rihanna incident...get over it! Let him move on too.


Could none of you wait till the movie comes out until you talk shit about Chris being cast in it , because he was in takers and that movie done pretty well


@luzz, good job Andy! keep the racism alive! continue your racist division, separate Black from the white, condemn Breezy forever & praise Charlie. Its ok we know RACISM didn't go anywhere. As for the piglets commenting about remorse, go and buy a mirror so that you can judge yourselves in it 1st; you self righteous pricks! I can't wait to watch that movie cos its more than just a movie, its shows redemption from your past mistakes as we all pray for. Perhaps Breezy's success will end racism in America lol I'M JOKING RACISM IS A CULTURE.

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