America's Got Talent Review: Searching for Jackie Evancho

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Is there another Jackie Evancho out there? That's what America's Got Talent was hoping for last night, as it gave us a special performance show based on YouTube submissions...

TNC Elite - The choice of a slowed down version of "I Got a Feeling" was weird. I hated the costumes and the fact that there were unnecessary backup dancers. Like normal clogging teams, they were sharp in synchronization, formations, or timing. The solo section without music was the best part, but it defeated the reason for them using contemporary music. My Grade: C

Illusionist Brett Daniels - Brett was a washed out magician who decided to use a 15-year-old trick; it reeked of desperation. The setup took too long and when the curtain almost failed, I expected the worst. The dancing was a waste of time, the book flipping pages was stupid, and the robe setup was too long. While Marilyn disappeared amazingly at the end, it needed better timing. My Grade: C-

Gabe Rocks - Gabe Rocks (above) knows how to flush a toilet, so he wins in my book. The beginning took long, but it was so cute watching him ride a rocking horse; then he peed on Piers. What the skateboard had to do with the whole cowboy motif was beyond me, but that was his trademark. My Grade: B+

Aeon - The parkour group needed to add a wheel and dance moves, which made people who like to flip on the sides of buildings even more awkward on stage. The beginning had mugging instead of tricks. The ring dancing seemed interesting, but seems par for the course with gymnastic/Cirque du Solei style groups.
My Grade: C+

Breena Bell - There is something about Breena that reminds me of Toddlers and Tiaras where she has some talent and her mother was directing her from backstage. She had one plus: no backup dancers. The whole routine looked like a pageant talent portion and all she needed was a spray tan. She's a good contortionist, but not a winning act. My Grade: C

Kevin Colis - Picking "The Lazy Song" wasn't the smartest choice; it made him seem equally lazy. The props were boring and he didn’t do anything to help, if he was lazy, why was there luggage? He looked like Justin Guarini with a guitar. The performance wasn't bad, it was just sleepy. My Grade: B-

Beth Ann Robinson - Beth Ann had one picture of her with a crown and a sash, so I was worried that part of the performance was going to be pageant cliché. She clearly had a choreographer help her. There were some steps that didn't transition well, but her turns and spins were strong. I could see her becoming a So You Think You Can Dance contestant in three or four years. My Grade: B+

Gymkana - The University of Maryland group started off with a routine similar to their audition piece but sharper and with better difficulty. I liked the tumbling, but the real stars were the six girls on the ladders and the three men in the center. My Grade: A-

Kalani Basketball Freestyle - Kalani was the one man Globetrotter with an alien theme. The tricks were interesting, even though the camera wasn't the best at showing the tricks. The juggling was boring and a waste of time. He dropped the ball when he attempted the double ball spin, but the use of the fire and the dancers was smart. My Grade: C-

West Springfield Dance Team - The dance team likes doing dark intense performances, but their concept looked less scary and more like a Matrix-style performance with contacts. I don't like Dub Step, and there were too many dancers combined with too many camera angles. I wasn't scared, but I was impressed by their choice of formations and tutting. My Grade: B+

Matt Wilhelm - There are a lot of BMX-ers with the ability to do tricks, but adding neon and black lights was smart. The performance started as a dancing bicycle and it didn't translate well on television because it could have been a bike on strings. The performance switched to just Matt on a black bike and it only worked because it looked like he was flying. The performance got good when you saw both parts together. My Grade: A-

Powerhouse - Powerhouse is the definition of a show choir. If you watch Glee, Powerhouse is less of New Directions and more of Vocal Adrenaline. The costumes were distracting and unlike Glee there were too many voices muffling the whole song. I liked the hand fireworks. The solo vocalist wasn't the strongest and you could hear when everyone was out of breath. It was a bit too Amusement Park performance for me. My Grade: B-


When people vote you stand the chance of it going horribly wrong because they usually do not vote on talent but rather religious background, underdog, cute etc. Jackie Evancho is a gift. She sounds like what I think heaven would sound like. Never in a million years should she have lost to Michael. He is good but not extrodinary. Jackie is extrodinary.


Maybe Jackie set the bar a little to high last year. If the Youtube contestants wasn't bad enough the guest appearance with Rebecca Black was even worse, did any one notice Piers Morgan afterwards its a good thing they had his buzzer unhooked. Jackie is making a guest appearance in Sept. At least there will be one act worth watching for the year.


This is the most pathetic show on T.V. The so called talent is laughable. When half of the top 48 acts are getting beeped that supports my opinion. The judges are even more pathetic than the acts. How would they know what talent is when they have never had even a smidgen of it themselves!


I am a retired public school music teacher(42 yrs.). In my opinion this whole season of AGT is a bust. It will probably be quite a while before another Jackie Evancho appears. I saw her special with David Foster on PBS the other night which was excellent. The American public showed their cultural ignorance when they favored Michael Grimm. He's good but his kind of a singer can be found all over the place. The singers this year are not consistently good throughout their 90 second performances. The variety acts remind me of the acts in the circuses that I have played for. All of the dance acts are redundant to themselves and the other dance groups I wandered why the judges didn't question Matt Wllhelm's ability to fill the time of a whole show as they have with many others. I guess it was because of his being the biggest vote getter on Youtube. I think next season I'll wait to watch until the finals. At least I'll save a little artistic stress.


My husband & I love AGT but last nite was just terrible. Why have a UTube in it. We don't think it's fair that all of the other acts had to go through the process while UTube acts obviously pick out their best performance and then send it in & then flop on live TV. It's part of the enjoyment of watching how someone performs in the beginning and how they improve through the different shows. Stop doing the UTube show.


i wathc ATG every show - last nite wast the worst i have seen - was not worth the time to watch!!!

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