America's Got Talent Results: Sorry, Howie

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Ouch! Four acts advanced last night on America's Got Talent, but none came from the group of Wild Cards selected the evening before by Howie Mandell. There's always next year, buddy...

Eliminations Part 1 - Shevonne, Yellow Design Stunt Team, West Springfield Dance Team - WSDT made it through. I hope that the team's choreographer doesn't kill them trying to create a more dynamic routine. It made me wonder if WSDT was ranked fourth last week and the judges went with the fifth-ranked Beth Ann Robinson.

And the Results Are...

Eliminations Part 2 - Avery and the Calico Hearts, Charles Peachock, Those Funny Little People, The Kinetic King - I love Avery and the Calico Hearts, but it wasn't their night. They need a manager so they can end up on a children’s show. Charles messed up his final juggling sequence and blew it.

Those Funny Little People raised the entertainment level, but it's still mascots dancing around. The Kinetic King finally had a routine that worked perfectly, but did people forget him because he performed first? Fortunately, no, viewers rewarded a trick that went well.

Eliminations Part 3 - Landon Swank, Seth Grabel - Landon's trick was much more dynamic than Seth. Seth wasted too much time with the ring and the visuals. There is something endearing about Landon and his fiancé that makes me want to support him, whereas Seth was too cocky for his own good. Landon made it through and I'm sure that the vote wasn't even close.

Eliminations Part 4 - Summerwind Skippers , The Fiddleheads, J Chris Newberg - Outside of the lazy fire work and the group stumble in the beginning, Summerwind did a decent job. I liked The Fiddleheads' lead vocalist, but the pitch of the song was a bit off. Chris had a strong routine, but I wonder if people not used to watching roasts took offense to the routine. J Chris Newberg was eliminated, proving that it's really hard for comedians to really get a stronghold on this show.

So, it came down to The Fiddleheads versus the Summerwind Skippers. Piers continued his bias for his picks and voted for Summerwind Skippers, whie Howie went with The Fiddleheads. Sharon, who was clearly upset with Piers, sided with the Summerwind Skippers.

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I've stopped watching. No real talent or real honest/consistent judges. Sick of the fake banter and only one real judge. We want REAL TV. This is BS, as usual.


Howie don't know talent. Those funny little people aren't funny little or people. Why did howie bring them back. I a gree with piers!!!!!


I agree, the judges are totally out of control. It's turning a really great show into a circus. Piers at one point was doing a good job of trying to find people who would make a headline act in LV but by picking the KK and flaunting his picks, he lost perspective of the whole show. I don't think AGT should have judges picks. It's supposed to be based on the people voting. Also PLEASE--no more U-Tube picks in the future. What a bust. And Howie and Sharon--why don't you act like grown ups and respectable judges. Shame on all of you.


mandel and osbourne are idiots they need to be replaced then when they are replaced they can replace morgan they aren't judges they are kids having a schoolyard shouting match. too vote an act off because you don't like your fellow judge? I will be glad when paula and simon and whoever else come on with the x-factor at least the judges will be able to judged


Pierce is great. I think he's the only one who doesn't think of it as a joke. Just because something is funny doesn't mean it's talent. I love Sharon but she's an idiot on this show. She's jumping on the band wagon and goin with what people want her to say. This is America's got TALENT! I feel sorry for the people who really do have talent for bein on a show with so many idiots.


I am through watching AGT. If America is supposed to do the voting, why do they let the judges pick the act they want? I would like to know how many votes the ones received whom the judges picked VS. the votes received of those they kicked off.


As a family we were watching "Wild Cards". Then they brought out a choice of Howie's. I was so glad they had on masks. I felt so embarrassed for them to be used as a "paun" by Howi. And of course Piers added fuel and fire to the pubic execution. We had a family lesson with the childen about treating other people. We all agreed to watch no more shows with either Pier's or Howie.


After last night, and the KK pick of Piers, I quit watching. I turned the channel in the middle of the show. I don't watch reality shows that show back stabbing, and screaming, and I thought I was safe with AGT. Not so! I can't stand his pompous attitude, he thinks he know's it all. I was actually rooting for the little people to win after his statement about going back to England. I can't stand him, and he does need to go back.
I'll no longer watch the show with him on it. They almost lost me with David H, but until Piers is replaced, I'm outta here!