America's Got Talent Results: Sorry, Howie

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Ouch! Four acts advanced last night on America's Got Talent, but none came from the group of Wild Cards selected the evening before by Howie Mandell. There's always next year, buddy...

Eliminations Part 1 - Shevonne, Yellow Design Stunt Team, West Springfield Dance Team - WSDT made it through. I hope that the team's choreographer doesn't kill them trying to create a more dynamic routine. It made me wonder if WSDT was ranked fourth last week and the judges went with the fifth-ranked Beth Ann Robinson.

And the Results Are...

Eliminations Part 2 - Avery and the Calico Hearts, Charles Peachock, Those Funny Little People, The Kinetic King - I love Avery and the Calico Hearts, but it wasn't their night. They need a manager so they can end up on a children’s show. Charles messed up his final juggling sequence and blew it.

Those Funny Little People raised the entertainment level, but it's still mascots dancing around. The Kinetic King finally had a routine that worked perfectly, but did people forget him because he performed first? Fortunately, no, viewers rewarded a trick that went well.

Eliminations Part 3 - Landon Swank, Seth Grabel - Landon's trick was much more dynamic than Seth. Seth wasted too much time with the ring and the visuals. There is something endearing about Landon and his fiancé that makes me want to support him, whereas Seth was too cocky for his own good. Landon made it through and I'm sure that the vote wasn't even close.

Eliminations Part 4 - Summerwind Skippers , The Fiddleheads, J Chris Newberg - Outside of the lazy fire work and the group stumble in the beginning, Summerwind did a decent job. I liked The Fiddleheads' lead vocalist, but the pitch of the song was a bit off. Chris had a strong routine, but I wonder if people not used to watching roasts took offense to the routine. J Chris Newberg was eliminated, proving that it's really hard for comedians to really get a stronghold on this show.

So, it came down to The Fiddleheads versus the Summerwind Skippers. Piers continued his bias for his picks and voted for Summerwind Skippers, whie Howie went with The Fiddleheads. Sharon, who was clearly upset with Piers, sided with the Summerwind Skippers.

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Hope Howie is fired off the show. I cannot stand to watch him and his silly grin. He makes me sick. He thinks he is so cute and funny. Pleas get him off, off, off.


Morgan unduly rude, Mandell an excessively annoying fool and Sharon joining in his stupidity! Give us a break! What was that comment to Lys last week Howie? For Shame. Host is a dip too. A little more professional, PLEASE! Don't know if I can handle one more week of the Three Stooges and the dopey MC!


Are you kidding me, it is all for show! Howie, Sharron and Piers are just doing there job and the act between Howie and Piers is just that an ACT. Did you foget you are watching TV and everything on tv is a act. Reality show or not! If you don't get the humor of the judges then it is all you not them. The judges are doing great and all 3 should return.


Who sits behing Howie every week??Beautiful dark haired woman????


I just about finished with agt. I hope I can make it to the end of the season, but I probably won't watch next year. Howie has ruined the show. He can't judge talent, and he thinks the show is all about him. Sharon used to be a good judge, but now she's starting to act like a child and wants to be like Howie. Piers is the only judge trying to find talent. I don't know how he puts up with the foolishness and childishness of the other two. Also, if the public is supposed to choose the winners, let them choose. The judges should not choose between the final two acts.


Piers is so unnecessarily rude and pompous. Please "X" him for next year's show. I can't take his sarcasm.


Piers is annoying. Howie and Sharon are the best judges. They are funny and when it comes time to judge they get serious and can tell what talent is. What people need to understand is that Howie is a comedian. OBVIOUSLY he picks the funny acts or what he thinks is funny. I think they are funny. There is no need to diss them just because you don't like their pick. Not every act gets picked that you want picked. How would you know what the show is really like? Because it seems one way to you doesn't mean that it is fake. I like it the way it is.


Piers is the only really judge of talent; it is time to replace the other two; their antics and getting the crowd to boo Piers is uncalled for. Bring back Hasselhoff, he was great. I am beginning to think Sharon does not know talent which is a shame because when she first started she was also great.


Howie needs to go! I have been a fan for years but he is showing he is an idiot when it comes to judging talent! His childish acts against Piers are ridiculous. Piers is the only judge who is honest about the talent. Howie can be funny in the right situation and AGT isn't the right situation!! Don't let him return next year!!


i loved the funny little people. Howie has heart. Wish they'd won so Piers Morgan would have went back to England. LOL!! They should hire Victoria Becham!!