Amber Portwood's Daughter Plays With Condoms; Brother Criticizes MTV's Portrayal of Star

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Amber Portwood's brother is defending her after her daughter Leah was shown playing with Gary Shirley's condoms on last week's Teen Mom episode.

Shawn Portwood takes issue with the way the producers portray his sister, calling MTV "spineless soulless individuals" in a rant posted on his blog:

"First, I would like to congratulate Teen Mom star Gary Shirley for doing something he should have been doing for a while now, wearing condoms!" 

Amber, Gary, Leah Picture

"Second, my hat goes off to you MTV for getting a close up of the Trojan Magnums seen around the world," Shawn adds of Gary's brand of choice.

"Though they got a classic shot of my little niece playing with condoms; I wonder how it came about in the first place," he wrote, implying that the scene may have been - hope you're sitting down for this one - staged.

Shawn then went on to bash MTV for broadcasting the now-infamous incident where Amber Portwood attacked Gary Shirley. The network should have shelved the video, notifying authorities in private if at all, he suggested.

What, and give up huge ratings at Leah's expense? Puh. Lease.


I am a teen mother myself. I was actually "16 & pregnant" as the first season aired. My daughter was born August 6, 2009 an it is difficult but the way Amber is behaving is ridiculous. I have hated her with a passion since season 2, when she left Leah in her crib, screaming while Amber slept.She deserves being in Jail.


Yes her house is a sty. Not only does she have her make-up on but what's with those fake eyelashes? They make her look like she's asleep or high one! That little girl Leah, should've been the one up for adoption! Amen to all!


i just know one thing that she needs to do and that is to CLEAN her damn house every house that she has lived in it was dirty!!!


I was a teen mom & I cannot believe how Amber & Gary behave. They are completely dysfunctional. They go from love to hate in a a snap. Her house is always filthy, doesn't look child proof, clothes everywhere. The poor baby never looks like she has seen a hairbrush but mom's hair is always done & makeup too. 21 years later, I am still married & added 2 more to the family. The day you become pregnant your life is about the baby. She will never get this time back & her daughter will be able to see this show.

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