Al Gore Rant: Former V.P. Slams Global Warming Skeptics, "Bull$#!t" Theories

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Al Gore does not mince words when it comes to climate.

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    I praise you for the good presentation of the document about the climate change. I think its time for us to stand up and keep our sustainable developments equal with environmenal developments.


    Al Gore is the one who is not acceptable with his mouth! He needs to be born again! and yes I believe in global warming because Peter says that the earth and the elements will one day melt with fervent heat but that will be God,s doing not man's read it for yourself.


    Looks like Al Gore's phoney climate hustle has been exposed, as well as his polluted mouth. Wise up Al. Mother Nature causes climate change. It soesn't pay to mess with Mother Nature.

    P.S. I'm still waiting for the upcoming ice age as predicted by TIME magazine in the 1970s,

    Does climate change? Yep. Do people change the climate? Nope.

    That said, can I go back to incandescent light bulbs.


    Hey Al. If you're so committed to your cause why do you have those huge homes that consume 20 times more energy than the average American? Or your personal jet, I hear it's about the least efficient model out there. Could you give up your limos for a Prius or a Smart car. Or maybe, just maybe you could debate a respected scientist with opposing views and facts. I'm sure your bulls--t computer models and doomsday hypothesis would stand up pretty well. Wouldn't they? Al?


    Hey Al. If you're so committed to your cause, why do you have multiple homes that use 20 times more energy than the average American? Or how about that personal jet? One of the least efficient models out there! You ever think of giving up your limos for maybe a Prius or Smart car(damn thing looks like it would tip over on a windy day)? Or maybe, just maybe you could debate a respected scientist with opposing views and facts. I'm sure you're bull---t computer models would stand up. Wouldn't they? Al?


    Bible? cockrouches wil inherit the earth. We are the caretakers of our planet. We are children with all sorts of ways to destroy the Earth. we have more tech then mature thinking. Fixed minds are almost impossible to alter facts. The most positive result would be if the world nukes itself first, Then the listen to what you want to here group won't have to debate anymore, there won't be anyone to debate. Man did inherit the Earth. It is are turn and were not showing maturity. Do so many people think there the center of the Universe or Rush with his solid educational background? We may be the top of the food chain just like so many species before us.


    I'm so sick of listening to liberals being blamed for all the problems, criticism, and everything rotten in the world. I don't think more than half of these morons commenting about liberals actually know what it means to be liberal in your thinking, because they have closed minds. They are the kind of idiots who would yell "fire" in a crowded theater and then stay to see if there is one! Even if Gore is wrong on some of his thinking, I give him praise for finally having the b_lls to tell off some of the critics!!!!!


    You go, Al. Tell everyone about how scientist are playing GOD. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how the weather has changed around the world. All of these disasters are man made, maybe their using them to balance out the world population (since it's said that we're over populated). I commend the man for not sucking under the political stances to cover ups. You go, guy.


    Remember Al Gore's rant when he accused another of 'playing on our fears?" Can you imagine how little we'd hear from him if he didn't have all those carbon credit investments?

    Al likes the word 'bullshit' the real bullshit started when some crack smoking pot heads gave him the no-bull-prize. What a fricken mistake that was!

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