Adam Lambert Gushes: I'm in Love!

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On his Behind the Music special, which aired this past Sunday, Adam Lambert explained the difficulties in realizing at such a young age that one is gay.

For the most part, though, it's a topic that barely crosses the singer's mind at this point in his life. It's just who he is and who he has been for a long time.

“One of the things I find a little interesting is how much people want to focus on my sexuality,” Lambert told OK! Weekly in a recent interview. “And it’s funny how much people sensationalize it, especially in the media. But that’s entertainment.”

Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert

Lambert understands that he's a celebrity and his life is now an open book, but he's tried to keep his relationship with Sauli Koskinen (above) mostly on the DL. But he did gush to the tabloid: "The good news is that I am in love, so that’s a good place to be. It’s a great time to be making music, I’ll tell you.”

About that music: when might we hear some more?

“I don’t have a release date yet. Fans will be able to hear some new music in the fall. Something new is coming in the fall so stay tuned!"

Oh, we will. Don't you worry, Adam!



Adam lambert does so much for his fans, we can return the favor by showing support to the fact that Adam is in love & we need to stand by him as Adam puts his fans first. It is so nice to see a smile on Adam's face whenever he looks at Sauli & that's important to me is there happiness.


wow Jodine's favorite must not be doing well so she might as well come here and bash Adam. Leave her alone this is good therapy for her.


hello 1st world wats happning with u,live this guy alone cant u understand him,even from here in very low country,low edcation low maturity 3rd world we understand him,come on ppl cant u see his work,succes. adam keep going we loveu fm here africa ER.


Also - You thought he was going to be a Major star? Open your eyes - He is a huge star! His real fans love him! Accept him.


Jodine- Why the hell should that be any of your buisness? He got kicked out of Lady Gagas birthday party - Already knew that and I don't really care. He defends his sexuality - You don't think he has a right to? And he "chose to deepthroat his keyboard player" Yeah, cuz I really want to know about his sex life and I really want that image in my frickin head. Why is it your frickin buisness what he does in the bedroom? I don't really care how he chooses to have sex. You cannot really be a fan of him. You are afraid to go to his shows? Why? Afraid that Adam Lambert - Gay and 29 years old - is going to jump you?


Ellen DeGenerous, Rosie O'Donnel, Elton John, Neal Patrick Harris,
Melissa Ethridge, and so many others, what do they have in common with Adam Lambert, HELLOOOOOOOOO.
And nobody focuses on them at all for their sexuality. So What, Leave Adam alone already, it's really getting old and surely you can find more interesting ACTUAL news to report or at least get a life already and leave Adam Alone. I met him and he is as genuine a person as anyone if not more. LEAVE ADAM ALONE !!!!!!!!


OMG... I love Adam his music is great...
I'm a hudge fan! I think he is way to hot to
Be gay but that's who he is and I support
Him :)

Taylor elizebeth

i love adam! his music is awesome:]


If its where u 5nd hapiness, it is nt 4ny


Jodine, you are too homophobic to be an Adam fan if his open sexuality so repulses you. A simple kiss is not "soft porn," nor "repulsive." I doubt you would be so repelled by a heterosexual kiss.Adam kissed Tommy on tour because audiences loved it, and because it helped people to get used to gay sexuality --- not to sensationalize gay "bedroom antics." His sexuality is gay because that's who he is. If you claim to be a fan, try to rethink your homophobia. Accept Adam as he is.


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