Witness Tampering Alleged in Casey Anthony Trial

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The Casey Anthony verdict was handed down over a week ago, but the case is far from over. The latest development? Alleged witness tampering.

The Orange County, Fla., Sheriff's Dept. says it is investigating allegations of witness tampering in the high-profile trial that ended in an acquittal.

Authorities wouldn't name the witness, but said it was not Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony, whose stunning testimony bolstered the defense.


Detective John Allen said that several people have already been interviewed in the investigation into the alleged tampering, which is ongoing.

"In regards to where we will go, it really depends on what information we get and what people come forward to provide information," he said.

Anthony, who was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, was convicted on four counts of lying to law enforcement.

However, due to the extensive time she spent behind bars awaiting trial for Caylee's murder, she is scheduled for release from jail Sunday.


I feel like people need to MOVE ON! Nobody knows the truth except Casey and GOD. It is nobodies place or right to judge that girl. No sin is greater than any other sin. So if you think she doesn't have a place in heaven, then neither do YOU!! God loves us all!!! Get a life people


I am totally dissapointed about the verdict! I hate what Casey has done and she will pay one way or the other..just like O.J. Simpson has! Her time is coming; she is a coward and a liar and there it no room in Heaven for her unless she is willing to confess and also repent! As far as Jose Baez, I never did like him neither...I am a Spanish speaking person myself and to me, he has insulted our traditions...!He is another Liar and YES! I truly beleive he met with Cindy and they worked things out their own way..they knew this was going to happen, since the Prosecution was not being "strong enough" in their findings...Shame on Jose, and Cindy and Casey...I like to leave poor George alone; because I believe he has suffered enough!The precious little girl is much better of in Heaven, with our Heavenly Father, instead of growing up in a world full of hatred and wrong..I know Caley has to be one of God's Angels in Heaven, ans she will live forever and ever..May God bless her in Heaven also...!


I believe Jose Baez met with Cindy and had the whole Cloraphorm ordeal made up . You see how she got mixed up and when the prosecution asked if she met with the defence she said yes yesterday!Disbar Jose and don`t worry about Casey God has a plan for her. She can not hide from God!


There needs to be an independent investigation into the jurors & the testimony of the family members. I dont give a damn if theyve suffered enough already, because if they lied so that this woman could to go free, they also deserve jail time.


i totally agree with the last comment those jurors are getting something for their verdict! I mean seriously the evidence, her actions while her child was missing and all of her lies were all damning enough to put anyone away. But shes a young white female so it really doesnt suprise me anymore. I hope they find her guilty of SOMETHING that will put her in jail where she belongs!


My feeling are that Jose Bias made up the entire defense story and personally knew it was not true and all of the Anthony family were in on this scheme. Jose should be disbarred.


Witness tampering!! How about JURY TAMPERING!! I wouldnt be surprised if there wasn't some kind of payouts promised...As it is now many of those jurors are holding out for a "big payday!!" Evil has certainly taken over in or society...The only real justice for Caylee is GOD'S JUSTICE...That bolt of lightning hitting that tree where her remains were found is a warning in my opinion...They all will get what they deserve!