Witness Tampering Alleged in Casey Anthony Trial

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The Casey Anthony verdict was handed down over a week ago, but the case is far from over. The latest development? Alleged witness tampering.

The Orange County, Fla., Sheriff's Dept. says it is investigating allegations of witness tampering in the high-profile trial that ended in an acquittal.

Authorities wouldn't name the witness, but said it was not Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony, whose stunning testimony bolstered the defense.


Detective John Allen said that several people have already been interviewed in the investigation into the alleged tampering, which is ongoing.

"In regards to where we will go, it really depends on what information we get and what people come forward to provide information," he said.

Anthony, who was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, was convicted on four counts of lying to law enforcement.

However, due to the extensive time she spent behind bars awaiting trial for Caylee's murder, she is scheduled for release from jail Sunday.


I am so completely digeustsd and appauled by the United States judicial system right now, completely lost faith in all prosecution ability as well as general population being able to hold jury positions.This country has served an injustice for little Caylee Anthony this day and we should all be ashamed of ourselves.I suppose a due Congratulations can go out to OJ Simpson in opening a new window in guilty verdicts to the point of them not happening. OJ should be found guilty of exploiting our governmental systems and policies to his own advantage. May OJ and Casey rot in hell together.RIP Caylee Anthony, you will be missed by many.


F*** you casey anthony...and f all of you that want to defend her bc she was proven not guilty. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not..facts are...she lied about what happened to her daughter and tried hiding it all for a month while she was out partying havin a grand ol time. Anyone that wants to defend that whore, you all can meet her in hell. Rest in Peace little angel


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the jury did their job. the evidence against her was all circumstantial. the PO PO should uv went to the site where the remains was first reported. THE COPS PHUC'd up on that one. What about the lame a$$ meter reader who told his son he was gonna be rich and famous for finding the remains?? THAT IS SICK my friends! He could have killed Caylee. The ONLY DNA FOUND belonged to an FBI AGENT! HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT FBI AGENT didnt kill Cayley. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT is just that! There was TONS of reasonable doubt. None of Casey's dna was on anything. You ppl are guilty of murder. Just by your own mouths. You werent there. you dont know what happened. nobody knows except the person or persons who were involved.


I too feel that the jury needs to be investigated, they switched sides too fast and alternate had already said they were deliberating before all evidence was in. They wanted money from the get go. Opening statement by JOse is NOT testamony and should NOT be used to deliberate. I think JB and CA met with DC RE finding remains as in DC police report. No psychic more earthly directions. I felt RUN AWAY JURY also too organized and did not follow directions used own facts BOYCOTT CASEY & Dead Baby related BAYEZ story


The jury took a 6-6 count and in 4 hours changed to 12-0 not guilty. Here is where the tampering took place. One of the jury was very powerful and he was probably the one who told them not to speak to the media because it =s big bucks. Waiting to hear from "guilty" six. What happened?


The jury took a 6-6 count and in 4 hours changed to 12-0
not guilty. Here is where the tampering took place. One of
the jury was very powerful and he was probably the one who
told them not to speak to the media because it =s big bucks.
Waiting to hear from "guilty" six. What happened?


I also believe the jurors should be investigated. They were sequestered so they could not see all the media coverage. However, one juror said they had cell phones. They could get on internet with cell phones and receive text messages. I believe there was an incentive for them to render the decision they made.


When the verdict came down of not guilty, my first gut feeling is this a "RUN AWAY JURY" two! There simply is no logic with their decision, so who got to some of the jurors? The movie run away jury with gene Hackman regarding school and gun control came to mind with this verdict!


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