Wife of Cheney Mason Calls 911 Over Casey Anthony Death Threats

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The deluge of Casey Anthony death threats continues.

The accused murderer herself is in hiding, and if this continues, people associated with her - such as attorney Cheney Mason - may want to follow suit.

Mason's wife called 911 Tuesday, claiming someone told her "Your scumbag husband and Baez [Casey's other attorney] better sleep with one eye open."

Following this and several other reported threats, officials in Seminole County will perform multiple drive-bys daily to make sure the Masons are safe.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office is working with the State Attorney to acquire phone records to track down the callers. Listen to the 911 call here:


Funny how so many people Mason knows get death threats. Casey & his wife both. Since nobody has attempted anything, I do not think it matters. His wife supported Casey killiong her own 2 year old baby. Alot of people get threatened. Why sould anyone care if Mason's wife gets threatened. She is no better than Casey or Cheney


well now we know that BULLSHIT BAFFLES BRAINS, you defence attorneys are really the scum of the earth arn't you. Mr. Mason, its not "smart" to be a liar, its not "smart" to be a deceiver, and its not "smart" to cover up a crime. Of course, unless if your a defence attorney, then all those traits are smart.. may your nights be haunted with the innocent child that you had a hand in not getting justice for. Casey you did get a life sentence, no one wants to see you, you will be threatened and hated till the day you die...


My bad it's "Where is Casey Anthony". I spelled Anthony wrong.


Go to "Where is Casey Antjony" on facebook.


Hey Frank B
NO REASON: They together freed a murderer by using a
smokescreen of untrue lies.
Defense attorneys are suppose to find the truth as
lady justice demands.
Jurors are suppose to listen to the evidence.
Get a sign and join the weirdo "Casey will you marry me"?
Your sign could be "I'll be his body guide".
Two more peers who could be your next jurors.
Watch out for jurors who fall in love with the defendant.
They hear nothing during the trial that could change their
not guilty vote while dreaming of making it with the killer
of a baby. This jury had 12 blind mice. They deserve to hide.
85% of the people know she was guilty. They must now know it
also or why hide?


I don't believe anything said by Cheney Mason, his wife, Baez, or anyone else on their dream team. They are all liars and that is why they have bonded so well with Casey Anthony. They all have $$$$ signs in front of their eyes (blood money).


Cheney and Baez are sleezeballs.
No one should try and get a murderer back on the street.
No violence but plenty of boycotts.
Smokescreens will be plenty from now on.
Defense attorneys never look for the truth only the W.
Ws=Big bucks. They should be obligated to prove any opening
statement. They could care less about lady justice.
Jane Weinberg never thinks anyone is ever guilty. Get her off TV.


Baez and Mason 'won' the release of a child killer by tricks, disgusting inuendos and lying. I don't blame pepole for being upset at them. As someone once said re: court - "he who lies best wins". AS FOR NANCY GRACE SHE IS BEING PERSECUTED FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS SAKE as the Bible says will happen. We all love and appreciate you Nancy.


Just a few assholes making threats to people for no reason other than THEY don't like the jury verdict...If I were Cheney I'd buy me a shotgun---and hope that one of these assholes were stupid enough to show up at my house!

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