Vanilla Ice Predicts Flame-Out of Justin Bieber

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Vanilla Ice (real name Robert Van Winkle) is a man who has been to the top of the music world, only to become a national joke 15 minutes later.

His message to Justin Bieber: You're next!

Ice is warning the Bieb to enjoy his success while he can because his fame will be fleeting, and sustaining this kind of success is impossible.

Justin Biebs

From one doomed pop-cultural fad to another?

Vanilla, who produced the first hip-hop single to top the Billboard charts, tells the Huffington Post, "I mean, I did 'Ice Ice Baby' when I was 16."

"So, yeah, I can kind of relate a bit. Sold over 100 million records. I had a weekend that lasted about three years, and I didn't know who I was."

"What's my purpose in life? So my prediction about Bieber is that he's going to go through one of those weekends that lasts a few years."

"He's had such success as a child act. But soon something else new will come along and he'll be forgotten," Ice laments, adding, "he can try to put all the pieces back together, so it's going to be entertaining to watch."

As is his custom, Ice is a bit confused about his own biography for one. "Ice Ice Baby" became a hit in 1990, when he was 23 years old.

Secondly, Vanilla Ice is the epitome of a flash in the pan, a one-hit wonder, a gimmick with no real substance. Is Justin Bieber the same?

We suspect his 11 million Twitter fans think not.


Vanilla has no idea. Justin worked hard to get those 11 million followers and he deserves them. No one needs to say "oh he's just like every other teen star" Before you do, Listen to his story. And obviously Vanilla hasn't. Justin Bieber's fans are bigger/stronger than Vanilla's ever was. And if your going to just bash a teen star like that when your like 52 years old, news flash! Get a life.


Yep. Justin will soon become a has-been. He's not even talented, who knows how long he will last.


Beiber is just the flavor of the month (couple of years at best). He's a gimmick, not an artist. If he was ugly, do you think anyone would pay to hear him sing? Of course not.


hi my name is dana bieber and i really love justin bieber alot


Justin bieber sucks lol he was on the covers of rolling stone, Vogue, and vanity fair recently and all three issues took a dump. Vanilla ice probably only said that to get attention but he's right. Peoples love of Justin will most likely be short lived. And "ms tell it like it is", there's a big difference between being blunt and being a homicidal maniac. Get a fuckin grip alright? She's got as much right to express her opinion as you do.


Saying someone is 'one of the best' SINCE Michael Jackson is hardly anything to get excited about. Calm down, read it again, realize MJ was only a pop singer. No-one compared Justin to Mandela or Fred Hollows or Mother Teresa for God's sake. Meanwhile, old mate from 'I'm a juggalo now, look at me ragging on a kid..' Idiot. Vanilla Ice is a verified idiot, and Justin Bieber is just some cute boy for girls to crush on. Hold an opinion on something intelligent and important, rather than spew ill will at a child.


Justin Bieber is just another decent singer. What has made him popular is some solid marketing and advertising, targeted at teenage girls with developing hormones.




First & foremost..MRSBEIBER..Kill yourself for that comment. HOW DARE YOU EVEN COMPARE HIM TO MJ. Like seriously..HOW DARE YOU. secondly..Beiber is how old? 16? Sure hes a button right now. And all the young girlies are goo goo gah gah over him. Thats for every young male who comes out into the industry. But eventually...He's going to hit puberty. His voice is going to change..His looks are going to change. I don't think he's going to be around like that. Reason being..Hes too much of a cookie cutter to switch things up and be "sexified". The parents are going to slaughter him if he ever does. Vanilla Ice is right on that. You have to be marketable. and eventually. those same little girls are going to be grown azz women who get tired of kid pop. then what? HAS BEEN. Is that right VAN WINKLE!


if justin bieber really has 11 million twitter fans they need a new hobby,and to pick someone else better to twitter like someone with more talent

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