Tiger Woods Announcement: Pointless, Overhyped

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Tiger Woods and his agent promised a HUGE announcement earlier today. Sadly, the announcement of Tiger's announcement was the most exciting part.

The golf great and Mark Steinberg had everyone buzzing. Would Tiger announce that he'd miss all of 2011? His retirement from the game completely?

That he required additional surgery? That he was getting rid of that sweet goatee? That he impregnated Rachel Uchitel and/or Joslyn James?

No to all. They're moving to a new management company. Whoop dee $h!t.

Tiger Woods, Goatee

Winless since '09 and recovering from injuries, Tiger Woods won't be playing in this week's Open Championship. Or announcing anything remotely interesting.

Steinberg and Tiger are leaving IMG and moving to Excel Sports Management. That's it. Why this warranted any sort of announcement at all, who knows.

The over people at Excel are probably out lighting cigars with $100 bills and Ferraris with their commissions. The rest of the people on Earth do not care.

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he big FAKIR


Tiger who ?


I don't watch golf anymore. Without Tiger, it's boring. But I don't think I will watch it even if Tiger returns.


Nobody cares about Tiger Woods anymore.


Hes had a long losing streak. Poor bastard! LOL


who really cares anymore. Since his leaving on his last few tourneys, I could really care less if I watch him golf or not. Most of the other players are as good if not more enjoyable to watch.

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