THG Asks: Did the Casey Anthony Jury Get it Right?

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Today, THG Asks: Did the jury in the Casey Anthony case get it right?

YES by Hilton Hater

I firmly believe Casey Anthony is guilty. But I don't know this for a fact. I wouldn't bet my life on it. Would you?

That's the decision jurors were faced with in this case; heck, in any court case. A strong suspicion isn't enough, a hatred for the defendant doesn't suffice, a number of lies and conflicting stories don't add up to the one key element missing here:


Can you tell me how Caylee died? Is there DNA that links Casey to the scene? Is there anything beyond (admittedly grotesque) stories of how Casey partied soon after her daughter disappeared and her searches for terms such as "chloroform" online?

Our court system places an extreme burden of proof on the prosecution because the last thing anyone wants is for an innocent person to be convicted. Jury members are instructed to take the words "beyond a reasonable doubt" very seriously.

A killer has almost definitely walked free. Nancy Grace has been given opportunities to rant like an attention-starved lunatic. Both results are regrettable. But, given a lack of hard evidence, I'm not sure what we could do to change them.

Casey Anthony Picture

NO by Free Britney

Come on. That's my response, as a human being, to the argument that the jury did its job acquitting Casey Anthony. Simply put, the jury dropped the ball.

Falling prey to a baseless defense and what was lacking from the state's case, 12 people somehow declined to focus on the ample proof of her obvious guilt.

The jurors were sick over this, they claim, and "wanted more evidence" to convict Anthony. What the heck did they need? Raw video? An eyewitness?

A dead person's hair was in Casey's trunk, along with high levels of chloroform, a term searched for on her family's computer (along with "neck breaking").

Residue of duct tape - a rare brand found in the Anthony garage - was also present. Then there's Casey's blatant, ever-changing lies and unstable behavior.

More than enough evidence apparently wasn't enough.

Alas, the real world isn't CSI or NCIS, where a perfect DNA match always materializes at the 11th hour. Actual brains and gumption were required here.

Whether blinded by conjecture, unable to put two and two together, or just spineless, the jurors failed, and a child killer is free. That's something to get sick over.

THG Asks you ... did the jury get it right?


I strongly believe that they made the wrong choice in letting this woman go free. If Casey Anthony isn't guilty, why did she lie so many times about what happened?If she was truly innocent, there would be no reason for her to do that. Why did she not report Caylee missing right away? Why was she partying while her child was missing? If I were a parent and my child was missing, I would be on the verge of a breakdown. WHY WAS THE HAIR OF A DEAD PERSON FOUND IN THE TRUNK OF HER CAR? What explanation could there possibly be for that? I really hope that the rest of this child murderer's life is miserable.


after she murdered her baby..she had to have a plot to cover it up and make it look like an accident...but you can't say she drown in the pool cuz her lungs would be filled with water...okay lets put her in a bag and throw her away cuz we don't want to be found with the body, and we have to let her rot long enough so all that is left is bones so they can't test her lungs for water. the lies start.
Caylee is with her and they are going to be away just a few more days..caught in her comes the lies about the nanny who took her...more time to let her baby rot... evil person and to be able to work it all out and get away with it...PSYCHO..and she now going to out on the streets!!!!!


This is for the comment made by Kim Childress. Just so you are aware, the OJ trial lasted over 9 months and the jury came back with a decision in only 4 hours!! When you comment for all to see, you should be careful to have your facts straight!


Disgusting miscarriage of justice! It's beyond a reasonable doubt, not shadow of a doubt. No justice for Caylee!


all i see is that casey is so Guilty everybody ok i should say 5% thinks she didnot do it.what are you people nuts look at the hole picture she had caylee with her no nanny had her everyone knows that was not true.i am so mad that she got off that poor little sweet caylee.she will do something down the road and i hope she is cot for it.i think the jury was so wrong they didnot take the time.!!!ticked off so bad


no they did not get it right! they felt sorry for casey b/c her defense was her daddy molested her. Sorry i didn't by that! She is guilty!!!!


1. The Medical Examiner for the State clearly stated that the child died as a result of Homicide.
2. Time, water & the elements eroded dna & some evidence but did not move the duct tape over the face of this child
3. Casey was the last person known to see the child alive. She was her primary caregiver.
4. The swamps was the Dump Site not the site of the childs murder. That child most likely died at her parents house.
5. The jurys job was to consider guilt or innocence NOT punishment. Punishment should never come into their thoughts until AFTER the verdict & the judge shouldve instructed them to remember that. DO YOU HEAR THAT, JUROR #3?
6. Beyond Reasonable Doubt does not mean beyond all doubt & Im sure it varies from person to person. There will always be other possible scenarios, in every case, even slam dunk cases.
What happens in cases where there no body, thus no cause of death?
This jury wanted a video of this babys murder in order to convict.


I totally agree with Patricia 100% if they would of at least given her manslaughter charges and later found her innocent where i dont see how, she would of been left free..these things happen..but given her no time or punishment guess what...she walked away a free you understand why Americans are raged...Just didnt use their brains...they could of dropped the manslaughter charge but now Casey can turn around and say I murdered her and laugh and there isnt a damn thing anyone can do about it...Jacka....


The OJ Simpson trial deliberation lasted a week and the trial was shorter..Jury did this in 10hrs somethings wrong how the he.. did they go through months and months of paperwork and facts in guess what...Zanny the Nanny(Gonzales)supposingly.. is going to get 15,ooo dollars and the police department is getting a half a million to a million dollars(and the jury is saying there isnt PROOF)They are suing CASEY...See the police department believes in forensic and autopsy and they done their homework more then i can say about the Casey got her freedom and everyone else is getting alot of money but still NO JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE....Something doesnt sound right here....

Avatar make it illegal for a parent or guardian NOT to report a child missing immediately

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