THG Asks: Did the Casey Anthony Jury Get it Right?

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Today, THG Asks: Did the jury in the Casey Anthony case get it right?

YES by Hilton Hater

I firmly believe Casey Anthony is guilty. But I don't know this for a fact. I wouldn't bet my life on it. Would you?

That's the decision jurors were faced with in this case; heck, in any court case. A strong suspicion isn't enough, a hatred for the defendant doesn't suffice, a number of lies and conflicting stories don't add up to the one key element missing here:


Can you tell me how Caylee died? Is there DNA that links Casey to the scene? Is there anything beyond (admittedly grotesque) stories of how Casey partied soon after her daughter disappeared and her searches for terms such as "chloroform" online?

Our court system places an extreme burden of proof on the prosecution because the last thing anyone wants is for an innocent person to be convicted. Jury members are instructed to take the words "beyond a reasonable doubt" very seriously.

A killer has almost definitely walked free. Nancy Grace has been given opportunities to rant like an attention-starved lunatic. Both results are regrettable. But, given a lack of hard evidence, I'm not sure what we could do to change them.

Casey Anthony Picture

NO by Free Britney

Come on. That's my response, as a human being, to the argument that the jury did its job acquitting Casey Anthony. Simply put, the jury dropped the ball.

Falling prey to a baseless defense and what was lacking from the state's case, 12 people somehow declined to focus on the ample proof of her obvious guilt.

The jurors were sick over this, they claim, and "wanted more evidence" to convict Anthony. What the heck did they need? Raw video? An eyewitness?

A dead person's hair was in Casey's trunk, along with high levels of chloroform, a term searched for on her family's computer (along with "neck breaking").

Residue of duct tape - a rare brand found in the Anthony garage - was also present. Then there's Casey's blatant, ever-changing lies and unstable behavior.

More than enough evidence apparently wasn't enough.

Alas, the real world isn't CSI or NCIS, where a perfect DNA match always materializes at the 11th hour. Actual brains and gumption were required here.

Whether blinded by conjecture, unable to put two and two together, or just spineless, the jurors failed, and a child killer is free. That's something to get sick over.

THG Asks you ... did the jury get it right?


The town lost their 12 idiots. 12 morons that failed to recognize evil even if it's yelling at their face. MORONS. INCOMPETENT MORONS. You didn't do your job. 10 hours is nothing to conclude if a person is a murderer. In your "made believe land", who do think killed Casey? Who put the tape on her mouth? Which car smelled of human decomposition, who lied, and lied and lied to the policy to cover the death of her child? Who? The jail phone calls, the overwhelming evidence, you did nothing. And now you said that you feel sick to your stomag. That is call the six sense, the one that we have to let us know if something is good or evil. Keep being sick. You don;t deserve to be cure.


i totally agree with Blaize


the jury wanted home. they werent qualified anyway.


In court it doesnt matter what you know but what you can prove...


I am actually commenting on the "beauty tips, how to look like Casey Anthony"! Article..... I couldn't find a comment box w/ that article so I went to the next one. Anyway point is Wtf..... r u serious!!! This chick is or was just on trial for KILLING HER CHILD & these people think we actually wanna take f#$&ing fashion tips to look like her!!! I mean, there r no words to describe my disgust for whoever thought up that article!! Its so sad what some people will do for a promotion, all moral values out the door @ the sight of an opportunity to get ahead... u should be ashamed of yourself.


They should hang her by her titz then gutt her and throw her 2 tha wolfz


Too bad Casey got away with it.
There was so much evidence against her.
Why did she wait 31 days to report her daughter missing?
There was evidence that the dead girl was even in the trunk of her car.
How did the girl get there?
Why did Casey lie so much?
I could go on and on, but how did the prosecution not win this case?
All I can say is that they never should be allowed to work on another case again.
What they did was beyond bad.
I also wonder if Casey had friends on the jury since it is clear that she was guilty. George Vreeland Hill


The jury believed she died in the pool although there was
no evidence. They sure blew the opportunity to get her
on aggravated manslaughter all they had to do was get a
clarification from the judge. They wanted to acquit and get
home. There was enough evidence for 94% of the country but
not enough for them.


no, people who have no evidence agaisnt them get convicted all the effing time.


No the jury didn't get it right! Number 1, with all of the photos that were introduced, all of the forensic records, how come not ONE of them asked to view any of the evidence? Not only that, it would have had to take a couple hours (at least) to go over all of the charges and explanations thereof...Several of the jurors had plans, cruises, etc. and some of them were thinking of a 'big payday' they were going to make from this case! IMO, some of the jurors on this case are no better than the DUHfense trying to accuse Roy Kronk of being financially and morally bankrupt!! Or any less unscrupulous as River Cruz selling her lies to the Enquirer for 4,000.00! I don't know how these jurors going to sleep at night! According to the CBS News one of the male jurors demanded 50,000. for an interview!! I wonder how many of them would agree to taking a lie detector test that they didn't know about this case and that they would NOT take any money for book deals, interviews, etc...

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