The Real Housewives of New York City: Too Much Drama? New Cast on the Way?

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The Real Housewives of New York City just wrapped up yet another dramatic season. But might it have been a tad TOO dramatic?

Insiders say the life on set reached a new low this year, from insulting Tweets to Moroccan brawls to incidents not seen on camera.

“Things have gotten so bad that producers are worried that this cast can no longer film together,” a source says“All the ladies have long memories and will not let the smallest thing go. The level of hatred at the moment is so high that it's toxic and all consuming... it’s just petty and sad.”

All The Real Housewives of New York City

One particular source of contention?

A blogger has been bashing the heck out of Jill Zarin, but multiple co-stars have actually befriended this individual, creating serious tension, a friend of Jill's tells The Huffington Post:

“This sort of behavior should be rejected by all the cast members, no matter how hot disagreements get on the show. It has stopped being a TV fight and is now a real life battle that is unacceptable.”

Might it lead to significant cast upheaval? We'll keep you informed.

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i like how all of a sudden kelly has balls. i agree with most when i say the dark-headed girls are mean witches. if bethenny was still on the show, i don't think things would be going down like they have. cindy is a waste....GET RID OF HER!!! on the reunion there was a comment regarding how bethenny has passed the other girls up in making money, and LuAnn says she is just catching up to the rest of us. Please witch, you got money by marrying into it, you didn't have it before. i used to kinda like LuAnn, now she is just evil. they say Ramona is bad, i think Jill, Cindy, Kelly & LuAnn are far more worse. All of them a are a sorry excuse for humans. their kids must be soooo embarrased. my foot has more personality than cindy. makes me sick.


These seven women are supposed to be adults. Jill is the 'control' freak of the bunch with Luann coming in a close second. They both feel they have to run everyone else's lives and what they say and do. Kelly has mental issues that should be addressed. Cindy seems lost in the group. Ramona may have a few issues with her late evening drinking but she is a success as a wife , mother and a business person. Sonja and Alex along with Ramona are true friends where the brunetts should be phased out. Those four ladies are bullies and are pulling the show down. You saw what Jill and Lu Ann did to Bethanny. Awful Creatures.


I agree with the above comments. The brunettes are mean girls who think they're better than everyone. Cindy is a social climber, follower. Kelly is psycho and extremely mean. And Jill has gotten worse than ever! They're the meanest group of women I've ever seen. I don't know what gives them the right to treat others the way they do. Get rid of the brunettes and keep the blondes!!!


Cindy contributes nothing to the show and Kelly is just plain psycho! Get rid of them


I think Alex needs to go she just dose not fit in she seems so low class.And ramona shes just crazy i dont think that shes all the way there if you know what i mean.I like jill and luann i think cindy sees the blonds for what they are and isent afriad to say it.


Andy why do you continue to give these a-holes a platform to beat up on Alex is beyond me. Get rid of the "gang of Four" Jill (backstabber), Kelly,(never makes sense), LuAnn (condescending & phony) and Cindy (major anger issues). If you bring them back, you'll lose a viewer.


I did not watch the 2nd part!! I can not remember a time when I would have missed a HW reunion but I am done with this trash!! Jill, LuAnn and Kelly made me sick and I can not watch Jill & LuAnn another minute!!


I would love to see Kelly booted off the show. She doesn't contribute a thing. Haven't made up my mind yet about Cindy. In general, I am squarely behind "team blonde". Jill is just plain mean and so full of herself. I used to like Luann , even though she's always thought she was better than the other woman. Remember when she instructed Bethany how to address a driver? ( Season One.) Anyway, really don't like her at all now. Alex or Sonja have both grown on me over the years. Poor Alix is dismissed by all of the brunettes. It's like she's a fly or something to be just brushed away. Makes me more on her side. All in all, with the exception of Kelly, I hope the cast will return next season. This show is my guilty pleasure.


I love the show, Andy you are a dream, dry humor and all. Jill is a quack, and a horrible bore, LuAnn is a wantobe, I hope her new beau saw her for her real self and runs the other way. Ramona, Sonia, and Alex are real, keep those girls and flush the rest. Kelly, I am ashamed of you, get a life and stop acting so stupid, you are not as dumb as you appear. And the new girl, is a wash out, try again BRAVO!


I can't stand this show anymore, Kelly, Jill < and that wanna be LuAnn countess were the biggest jokes get rid of them and bring back BETHANY. Oh and Cindy , tell me why she's there she is way out of place just like dumb Kelly Cry Baby Kelly, her and Jill are so phony no matter what jill does old is old next we will see her dancing on a pole or something, unless Bravo does something with these dumb broads I am not watching it anymore.