The Real Housewives of New York City: Too Much Drama? New Cast on the Way?

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The Real Housewives of New York City just wrapped up yet another dramatic season. But might it have been a tad TOO dramatic?

Insiders say the life on set reached a new low this year, from insulting Tweets to Moroccan brawls to incidents not seen on camera.

“Things have gotten so bad that producers are worried that this cast can no longer film together,” a source says“All the ladies have long memories and will not let the smallest thing go. The level of hatred at the moment is so high that it's toxic and all consuming... it’s just petty and sad.”

All The Real Housewives of New York City

One particular source of contention?

A blogger has been bashing the heck out of Jill Zarin, but multiple co-stars have actually befriended this individual, creating serious tension, a friend of Jill's tells The Huffington Post:

“This sort of behavior should be rejected by all the cast members, no matter how hot disagreements get on the show. It has stopped being a TV fight and is now a real life battle that is unacceptable.”

Might it lead to significant cast upheaval? We'll keep you informed.

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Jill and LuAnn feed off each other. They are disgusting. Kelly makes no sense and still can't complete a logical sentence. She bullied Alex all season for NO reason. LuAnn won't listen to other people speak their opinions but she sure wants to push her opinions off a facts. She is such a know-it-all perfect person ! I say get rid of Jill and Kelly and Cindy. Ramona is a hoot ! Thank god for her on the show. I wish her the best. Alex seems logical to me, but the girls talk over her all the time. Jill has zero personality and is really looking for attention.


Jill is just plain evil/disgusting. Please get rid of Jill/Cindy/LuMann and lunatic Kelly...these women need not come back.
Sonja has trouble finding her panties but she's not a mean exhibitionist/Alex is still finding herself, but she's nice and Ramona...she just wants to have fun:)


I really think that Jill, Luann and Kelly need to go. They all three ran off Betheny. she was my fav. The other girls are great. Bravo need to get smart and let them go and get some new girls. Let Jill find her self some where else. Let Luann sing somewhere else and Kelly just needs to find herself period.


Please let Kelly leave this show NOW, she needs help. I really do not like her at all. Cindy I can take, and rest, while they can be nuts, you can understand them. Please Kelly need to leave as quickly as possible.


I made the mistake of watching this reunion show. OMG..these women are an embarrassment to women. They are cruel, unforgiving and unconcious. Why do this on TV. Why have this ridiculous show anyway. Are women really into this. AWFUL! They all need to go to some sort of retreat to raise their level of awareness. It's so sad. I did want to say one thing. I think Kelly has some mental illness. She's not right (in a serious way)and to see the women behave like it's all so pathetic. Get a puposeful life've gone too low.


Jill and Luanne are the biggest BULLIES ever - and Kelly needs some major med's she is by far the most evil sneaky woMAN there is on any of the housewives shows - Jill, Luanne and that man woman Kelly treated Alex and Romona like s---, and as for Romona saying something about Luannes children why not Luanne went after her and her husbands marriage - there is only so much one person can take so you go Romona give it back to the classless b---- we all would like to see Romona,Alex and simple Sonya back next season and throw Bethenny in there now that will be a good show- I for one will not watch the show next season if the other classless bullies are on - Bring Team Blonde back and throw the trash out


Kelly, Luann and Cindy bring nothing to the show and it is embarrasing watching them struggle to be relevant.


I used to love the show when it first started. Betheny, my fav...when Jill was her BFF. Think Jill got jealous and her true self came out. Love Ramona, and Sonya. Everyone else shall remain nameless as they are not worth the space. Get rid of the mean girls. Its funny how they all believe they are nice...don't think there is a nice bone in their bodies. Ladies get real. Face reality... You are absolutely, undeniable MEAN girls. I don't even waste my time. To fake, I need the break. Let the majority of them go, they won't be missed.


Luann is so rude! She is so high and mighty it makes me sick. If it wasn't for her ex husband she would be just another ordinary American that came from a middle class family. Also, someone really needs to tell her she CANNOT sing!! I say we need a whole new cast next season! I am disgusted with these womens behavior!


i forgot to mention how i could barely stand watching the reunion and to see how cruel the brunettes have become. they should let them have a live audience there when they film these reunions, so people can put these mean, so-called ladies, in place. we thought for a moment that jill would change. she did until she felt comfortable again to act like a high school girl. the only thing i like about Jill is her daughter. kelly, no one likes you, i wish you and cindy would crawl in the hole you came out of. we should get a petition to get these brunettes off the show.