The Real Housewives of New York City: Too Much Drama? New Cast on the Way?

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The Real Housewives of New York City just wrapped up yet another dramatic season. But might it have been a tad TOO dramatic?

Insiders say the life on set reached a new low this year, from insulting Tweets to Moroccan brawls to incidents not seen on camera.

“Things have gotten so bad that producers are worried that this cast can no longer film together,” a source says“All the ladies have long memories and will not let the smallest thing go. The level of hatred at the moment is so high that it's toxic and all consuming... it’s just petty and sad.”

All The Real Housewives of New York City

One particular source of contention?

A blogger has been bashing the heck out of Jill Zarin, but multiple co-stars have actually befriended this individual, creating serious tension, a friend of Jill's tells The Huffington Post:

“This sort of behavior should be rejected by all the cast members, no matter how hot disagreements get on the show. It has stopped being a TV fight and is now a real life battle that is unacceptable.”

Might it lead to significant cast upheaval? We'll keep you informed.

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The girl that is a widow seems to think she is better than a woman that gets a divorce..........she thinks new relationships are different for her and not for the divorcee.............grow up!




I agreed with most everybody here. . .too much pettiness and snarkiness. I think Kelly, Luanne and Jill should go, not sure about Cindy though. Might be interesting to see what happens with Cindy if there are new personalities on that show. Romana does need to check herself with the drinking.


Pleade get this show out of air. I have never see over 40th women try to recap thier high school day. What was Jill thinking to said to know me is to love me. She is not Jesus Christ Of couse she will say she did not mean it. Lou Ann is a self seving BEATCH. Kelly has to be out of show. Very time she open her mouth make me vomite. I will not wath the show again.


The first season they were real people, then as the success came they had their teeth done and got PR savvy. Watching the show now is just like a infomercial - scripted set ups, and the constant plugging of product. Ughhh! Makes you feel like you're being conned. These women are not giving away any of themselves anymore, pity because in the begining they were "real".


I agree with all wanting to get rid of the brunettes. I always enjoyed watching this show but, this season it was painful. Bethanny is indeed a loss! The arrogance of LuAnn is unbearable. Jill's middleschool gosspip and back stabbing is ridiculous and Kelly's self-righteous, mindless attitude is very damaging. Andy, get rid of Jill, LuAnn, Kelly and Cindy (who brings nothing to the show).


OMG! I am so OVER these ladies!!! Time to move on BRAVO! Scripted Reality Shows are just not enough to keep some of your viewing public around! BTW-- Countess, really? Able to sing or write, I think not!


I watched the reunions shows and was appalled. "Money certainly cannot buy class" and not one of these ladies have any class. LuAnn needs a bucket to carry a tune in and Kelly comes across as an airhead. If this show continues there is going to have to be a new cast.


These women are horrendous and have no idea about class and common civility. I will not be watching next season if they return, although I'd be happy if they axed at least Kelly, Jill, and Luann. Any one of those three boring morons return and I'm gone. Come on Bravo, fix what's broken and see your ratings go up next season. Don't bring back these losers.


Who would want any of these women as "friends." This group of so-called Upper East Side and Brooklyn socialites set women back 100 years. Shamne on them and their behavior. I'll give Alex a little break because I think the other women treat her like dirt yet she is the best spoken and educated. Even she got a little shrill this year. The other women married well and/or divorced well (Sonia excepted). How do these women go to work (those that do) or show their faces in NYC or the Hamptons? I would never want my niece to learn from their behavior which makes me wonder what the daughters of some of these women think of their mothers. This season's reunion shows were way out of line. Andy was right when he called them "beasts" while Kelly is just out of her element.