The Real Housewives of New York City Season Finale Recap: Pregnancy Scares & Party Boats

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As Season Four of The Real Housewives of New York City draws to a close with one last party, let's recap it all in THG's +/- review ...

The best thing about the Housewives season finale is knowing that I won't have to listen to Luann try and sing for several months. Plus 10.

Her inability to carry a tune is only highlighted when she attempts to sing a duet with Natalie Cole. No, money certainly can't buy you class ... or a voice.

Countess LuAnn and Natalie Cole

Luann thinks she's a singer. Alex thinks she's a model. At this rate Ramona should try out for the WNBA.

Why can't Simon ever leave his wife alone? If the magazine photo shoot is a real, paying job then Simon needs to go home and let her work. Talk about being clingy. And then he let's everyone know Alex made US Weekly's worst dressed list. Gee, thanks honey. Minus 7.

Cindy really was incredibly rude to Sonja last week but do we have to keep hearing about it. Cindy is boring. Rehashing the same fight doesn't make her any less so. Minus 5.

So Ramona thinks she's pregnant. More like wishful thinking. I hate to side with Jill but when you're 55 and miss your period I'd think your first thought would be menopause, not pregnancy.

Although Jill really is horrible as she runs around telling everyone at the party that Ramona and Sonja were sharing a bathroom stall. What is she the class mother? Minus 8 for being such a gossipy busy body.

Ramona Singer Pregnant?

Kelly is seriously funny as she makes fun of Alex and Simon's constant tweeting. "Honey, you're hot. No, you're hot. No, you're smoking hot." I wish we'd seen this type of humor from Kelly all season but Plus 7 for making me laugh in a good way.

Then Alex promises not to push Luann off of her own party boat. Well, damn. Where's the fun in that? Minus 5.

Sonja bought a pregnancy test of Ramona. That's the sign of a good friend. Plus 6

And the leopard twins keep running back and forth to the bathroom until Ramona can finally pee.

At least Ramona drank Pelligrino instead of Pinot until she got the results. Not pregnant. At the very least, Mario must have been relieved.


And another season of The Real Housewives of New York City comes to a close. But wait! It's not over yet. Next week the ladies hash it out for the reunion show. The leopard prints will surely fly.


When it came to trouble and sabotage, Alex and Ramona were the stars. They were so revoltingly childish. Alex and her husband both need real jobs, instead of being tweeting parasites on the show. Cindy was down to earth and hardworking, Luann looked great and didn't play into the Alexamona drama, Jill should never again apologize to Alex or I'll smack her, and it looked like Sonja was trying to advertise her private parts. Ramona was reeling drunk when she walked into Cindy's party in Quogue, no one needs to call her an alkie - she showed it to us. Kelly gets points for confronting Alex as inauthentic during the phony outrage act in Morocco. Alex has to go. Neil Patrick Harris was so right about her a being Frankensteiny troublemaker...and he didn't even know her name. He nailed it.


This is why this show is a hit -all these ladies bring unique personalities and different points of view. Not that I agree with all of them on one given day, but I love each of them and when they get together - WOW - better than the SOAP OPERAS of the old days - maybe that's why the SOAP OPERAS are going away and all the Realty Shows are coming alive - we can relate more to the reality situations than the scripted shows....


new york really is a bunch of the most annoying women ever. i tried to watch the reunion, but couldnt even get through it. it actually angers me at how immature and pathetic luann and jill are. evil, evil personalities. kelly, I really want to like but whenever she is confronted about her wrong doings, she never owns them. she just tries to talk in circles, making her look dumb and pointless. own it girl! say youre sorry, say you made a mistake. im nice, im nice, im a celebrity. she really thinks way too highly of herself. my favorite, believe it or not, is alex. she makes valid points, has a clear, unbiased, knowledgable viewpoint, and seems like an all around smart woman. i love how, under fire, she always gets across her point in an educated way. go alex! you won my vote this season. the rest of you, i hope they find replacements. move on new york, im ready for the beverly hills ladies. we need some real "class"
to watch


I agree that this season has been so bad that I feel embarrassed myself to watch. Jill makes my skin crawl and now the new hairdo but underneath it's still just envy about her old friend Bethanny. Bethanny's show I will watch but this is just old. What's her name the drunk was selling wine in a local store recently..making a tour through florida towns. I agree that there have to be more interesting women in NY..real women.these are all phonies


Jill is such an old, phony bag along with her tag-a-long bff, another joker, phony LuAnn. Do these two clowns really represent women with any sort of IQ? LuAnn can't sing; she introduces herself to Natalie Cole as "LuAnn" but to the limo driver stikes up her phony aire as Mrs. DeLesslop. Haha. Please, her boyfriend is using her to promote wine, Bobby is being used by a loud mouth old hag and Kelly is CRAZY. Alex is brilliant and Ramona is insecure. Put some normal, real women on BRAVO. Wake up and get rid of, especially the old bags, LuAnn and Jill.


I felt so sorry for poor Andy tonight. Those women were horrible. Ramona is an alcoholic no two ways about it and Alex, since she has her supposedly modeling career, she has really changed into a snob. Her husband gives me the creeps. He is really eerie. Sonja, bless her heart, she is trying to be soeone she is not. It really is embarassing how she keeps showing her private parts. What does her daughter think? And they have the nerve to make remarks about Luuann/s children and Jills? They need to look in their own backyard. The wino and the exhibitionist. lol. I cannot believe those three are grown women.But getting back to Andy, I have never seen him get that pissed off as he did tonight. You go Andy, You rock.


When are you blonde girls going to grow up? Alex I feel so sorry for you. You are blind as a bat, your husband is full of shit. He is jealousy & lying pig... wake up!! Roma everytime you lie, your eyes pop out & you never shut up & listen what others have to say. Shut up!! Jill I am so proud of you. Luann I love you. Cindy you are great!!! Hang in there!! Kelly you are wonderful!! Keep up the good fight of faith. I love you all. All the blondes need to grow up & wake up. You make me sick. But I love you all. Take a good look at yourselves before it's too late. Come on We are grown women.


Romona, you are a real sorry two face lying bitch. I like the brown and red head ladies They are flood & honest ladies. The blondes are nothing but 2 face, lying slut. GROW UP BITCHES AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!


In the midst of watching my last RHONY reunion - none of these women deserve any more of our time. They are all messes! Jill Zarin what a two-faced yenta; Kelly Bensimon is a total nutcase; the Countess - enough already you overbearing non-royal; Ramona Singer is a bit of a crazed enigma; Sonja Morgan is a bit delusional; Cindy should run from this show as fast as she can while she still has a brain; Alex McCord deserves to be in a better place with a better class of women. Please switch the characters and give these women a rest - they are so nasty to each other. Two-faced, rude, condescending, mean - they are the worst representation of women I've evern seen. Bravo can't you do a show that actually shows real women and not the worst of what you become when are involved in a reality show.


I am watching the reunion..I must say I could not bare to watch it all this season these women are so vile. Rude especially that princess or duchess or whatever she calls herself even without the man who had the title. Poor Ramona, if her spouse is cheating, the witches cannot wait to smirk at her about it. WHAT BUNCH OF SLUTS. AND KELLY GET A PSYCHIATRIST FAST.

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