The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Showing Some Skin

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This week on The Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja Morgan throws a Burlesque party and costumes are required as long as they show some skin.

As always, THG recaps all the craziness in our +/- review!

The Housewives have some serious mother / daughter bonding time with mixed results. Ramona takes Avery shopping ... for a burlesque outfit? What exactly is she teaching her 16-year-old? Where to buy her bustiers and S & M gear? Minus 5.

But I must admit, Avery always seems to have more sense than her mother. She turns down an invite to the party and she earns a Plus 7 for telling Ramona that she'd look like a chicken in that feathered outfit. 

Burlesque Action

Why does Ramona find it hard to believe that Avery wants her parents home? Yes, the teenager might be holed up in her room but she's still a kid. She craves stability and comfort, knowing her parents are home, not out gallivanting every night. 

Jill Zarin visits Allie at school where she hears about the girl's curriculum which includes Latin film and sex theory classes. Then she tells Jill she wants to be a sex columnist. Plus 5 to Jill for not reacting too badly. I think Allie's really trying to press her buttons. She should really give her a break. She is buying her $150 jeans.

Jill gets a Plus 10 for calling Allie out on her pseudo vegetarianism. I don't care if you eat chicken but you are not a vegetarian, no matter how cool it is to use the term.

Luann's driving lessons were a little scary. Minus 7 for picking an icy parking lot and letting Victoria speed through it.
Minus 10 for admitting that you don't wear your seatbelt because you don't remember. Will it be OK when Victoria gives her that excuse?

Chris March is back to dress Sonja for her burlesque party. I have to admit that I thought more of Chris when he was on Project Runway. The two times he's helped Sonja I haven't been impressed.  Minus 10.

The Burlesque number was suppose to be playful but it bordered on painful. The only one who really seemed to enjoy it was Mario. I still think the psychic was right. 

Thank goodness that whole Simon / Jill mess is over. Minus 5 for just being boring. 

We also got to hear Luann's new song. I'll hand out 10 points to anyone who will tell this woman that she can't sing. No takers? Damn.


Next week we have to sit through Luann's music video. On the upside, it looks like no body shows. I'm sure those Housewife claws are being sharpened as we speak. 


I have never seen a buncy of women such as these. They are all nuts! What irritates me the most is when their muohts are hanging open like they are in shock and they know that each other has not sense at all. Jill has calmed down a lot though. She knows that if she loses one more acquaintance she has no one else to talk to except her dog. If Sonja told her that she could have her conference call while eating breakfast, then it was appropriate. Otherwise it was not. I would not have been there in the first place toaster oven. I want my *&^)* cooked in the oven. I can't wait until the reunion. I hope I don't cringe at Sonya and Ciny and have to turn the channel. They talk like they inhaled some chemicals and it ate up their brain. The talk like they are confused and don't know what word to say after the previous word.


Simon, Loved your video. I am glad you put he words in like a kareoke. It alrely should be on the top 40 billboards. As for Sonja, it was horrible what she did at the march. She countradicted herself on WWHL with Andy. She said they asked her to speak before she was even on HWNY. Then she said they asked her later. Well you know know what I mean. The fight at her house during her lovers(Brian) event. The only reason she started a fight with Alex at HER event, I mean Brians, it wouldn't have made it on the show. She made a big deal to start a fight right away as soon as Alex walked through the door. Had she not done that, HER art event, Whoops I did it again, HER painting, excuse me, I mean Brians art show would not have made it on TV at all. Careful you two, Sonjas a sluty snake.Good wishes.


I am not "one of Jilll's people" but I agree about Alex. Fake, bad acting, out of her league.
Ramona is so immature for her age. She talks loud and fast so she doesn't have to hear
anything but her own voice. Dresses and acts like she thinks she's 25. Mean spirited.
I hope Bravo will eliminate these two, if not also Cindy, who adds nothing to the show.


I love Alex. She's not mean or petty like the rest of them.


It is so obvious that "Sweeney" is one of Jill's people. Stop "mean blogging" lol.


I love Avery - she keeps Ramona grounded.


I wish Bravo would get someone more interesting to replace Alex, who continues to be a pretentious bore. This woman is average in looks and personality, but tries to come off as chic, witty and "real". In reality she has bad taste and leaches off the stronger players in the cast with her lousy acting. Their living room like a castoff from the set of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. And their outfits are usually not chic, but more "look at me" attention getters. Alex mistakes kitsch for drama, and it's not chic, just banal. Alex and Simon are becoming more and more Salahi-esque.


Sonja & Kelly blew the show for me. I cant watch it, not even on a sleepless night.

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