Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Return of The Singing Countess!

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Was there a contest this week between The Real Housewives of New York City to see who could be the biggest b!tch? Watching it, you'd think so!

Let's run down all the sniping, back stabbing, and name calling in THG's +/- review:

Luann was pitching her latest music video. As if the last one wasn't bad enough. She wanted the video to exude class and elegance, but it came off as amateurish silliness. Minus 10 for subjecting me to another song from the Countess.

Lame Countess

Luann wanted all of the Housewives to appear in her video but not everyone wanted to play. Ramona and Luann had a sit down where Ramona says the video isn't the message she wants to send her daughter.

I could see both sides of this one. Ramona's generally not very concerned about Avery's reaction when she's wearing skimpy dresses or photographed while out partying.

At the same time Luann's last video had her sprawled on a bed cavorting with several scantily clad men. I'm with Ramona on this one. Plus 15 for taking a pass.

Of course Ramona couldn't do it without insulting Luann's parenting abilities. OK, she didn't come right out and say Luann's an absentee mother but Luann couldn't miss the insinuation. Ramona could have handled that better so Minus 5.

Of course Luann wasn't taking that without slinging a little mud. She immediately brought up Mario's supposed indiscretion but to Ramona's credit she shot right back and reminded Luann about the stories circulating concerning her ex's infidelities. People in glass houses and all that. Overall they get a Plus 7 for a well matched fight.

Jill was Luann's biggest supported and did her best to bully Sonja into being in the video. I had to laugh when she told Sonja she could run down to Atlantic City, be in the video and make it back to Manhattan in time to have dinner with her daughter.

It's a three hour drive each way. Doesn't that sound like a fun day. 

Barshop Style

Alex begged off as well although her reasoning didn't make sense to me. She'd be OK if Luann had done gangsta rap but Alex found the use of the word "class" offensive. Seriously, Alex. Just admit that you don't like Luann and don't want to be in her stupid video and I'd have more respect for you. Minus 5 for making up dumb excuses.

Cindy didn't make it but Luann said that was OK because she had her children to take care of. Her toddlers certainly didn't stop her from going to Morocco for three weeks but apparently her multiple nannies couldn't handle them for a day so she could drive down to Atlantic City. Another Minus 5 for more silly excuses.

Speaking of Cindy, I couldn't believe she went to Sonja's for breakfast and took a conference call, then chastised Sonja for making noise in her own home. Minus 10 for being just plain rude. If being there was too much of an inconvenience then stay home.

Back in AC Luann's video eventually got made. Jill barked orders at the director and Luann was name dropping with Princess titles and the whole project was nothing but ridiculous, ego infused, nonsense. 

But hey, these are the Housewives. What can you expect?


With next week's finale looming, we'll see where that score ends up. For now, experience the glory of the Countess' music video if you haven't already:


she (jill) moaned bitched and complained the whole time they were making the video...what a friend...not.
luan is a little, um shall we say "long in the teeth" to be laying around bed with a bunch of young men. ewe.
ramona is GREAT, go ramona, she holds her own with the "countess."
the pubic hair removal lady, good lord, what a mess! the blond lady should have left the kitchen, put on her dance garb and split. momma don't play those foolish games! just sayin.


Agree with that. If Alex is so worried about what her mother thinks about her being seen in a music video, maybe she should'nt have posed for those homemade, garage quality S&M nude photos that are all over the web. Please Bravo get this hypocritical bore and her creepy husband off the show.


The most offensive person and biggest beyotch on the show is Simon. He and Alex are phony bores. Ramona comes second as the most vindictive and childish.


Could she please just gt a clue already and stop trying to "sing"?! Please please please stop! She sucks.


I'm disappointed that Jill participated in this amature video. Lu Ann should not be encouraged to sing and should spend more time with her kids. Although I don't believe Ramonona's reasoning for not appearing in the video, I'm glad she did not.


That woman couldn't carry a tune if it was a feather. What ridiculous person thought that was going to sell anything. Please ladies go back to your lives behind the scenes...the only people who care about your life are the superficial wannabes and your poor children.


I completely understood Alex's point. She wanted no part of Luann preaching to "the little ppl" about class and how to behave when Luann herself behaves so poorly.I also loved when Alex said the mere fact that someone would use the word class to describe themselves is proof that they don't have any. Truer words have never been spoken! Go Alex!


I agree with Chelsea. OMG!! they need to replace these women with fun, talented NYC women. This lying crew are back-biting, cry babies, and in dire need of some meds and psychoanalysis. What lying person told the Countless that she could sing? It's so embarrassing to watch this talentless female warbling, and Jill jumps in (another talentless, lying wench) to add insult to injury. I changed the channel to the news, I had enough!


PULEEZE..please dump this dreadful, unattractive, talentless and boring NY cast...


Will someone please tell me what that ridiculous red cap on Jill's head was for, & the needle being inserted into it? The sideways look on the 'doctor's' face was quite amusing. Re the 'Contessa': why didn't she make it to the Royal Wedding, since I'm sure most of her elegant 'princess friends' were there. Also, a note to the 'Contessa': don't keep stirring the sweetener (I'm sure she wouldn't use sugar) in your cup like you're stirring flour into batter in a big mixing bowl. Making the cup ring is very tacky. Those of us with class already know that. I guess her book on 'etiquette' doesn't include that. EGAD! ---10 points for manners.

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