The Beckhams Debut Harper Seven: First Photos!

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Everyone together now: AWWWWW!

A week after David and Victoria Beckham welcomed their first daughter into the world, they've given fans their first glimpse of little Harper Seven.

"I took this picture of my two girls sleeping," the soccer star wrote over the weekend prior to posting the following pic on Facebook:

Victoria Beckham, Daughter

Victoria then Tweeted a photo yesterday of her man and her fourth child, titling it "Daddy's little girl." Check it out NOW and then send your very best wishes to the family's new, adorable addition!


Just think how much faith you have in your parents when they love you enough to commit to each other!


I love reading these atilrces because they're short but informative.


Oh Boy.....Harper Seven? She, (Victoria that is) has a lovely name and her boys have decent names but Oh Boy.....she finally gets a baby girl and she names her daughter Harper Seven? Yes they have truly arrived in L.A....they've got the celebrity name culture down and everything.


Congragulations Becks-Posh!!! It's sooooooooo great to see a woman who's not afraid of giving birth!!


Congratulations !!


Congratulations on the birth of this little girl.

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