The Bachelorette Recap: A Hometown Heartbreaker

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Four hometown dates. Three roses.

Those were the stakes Monday for Ashley Hebert, who narrowed the field to three and left one guy devastated after her cross-country tour.

The Bachelorette spoilers accurately predicted which one got the axe, but that didn't make it any less compelling - or sad - to watch unfold.

Ashley Hebert and Ben Flajnik Picture

From a picnic under a magnolia tree to a trip to the family restaurant, the guys pulled out all the stops to win over Ashley. But would it be enough?

Who's in? Who's out? Who's the favorite heading into next week?

Let's break down last night's hometown dates and all things Ashley, Constantine, J.P., Ben and Ames. Here's THG's official +/- Bachelorette recap ...

Obligatory Minus 5 for the overuse of "hometowns."

Constantine is really opening up. Plus 4, because for a time, it was as if he stuck around solely by virtue of being a taller, more muscular Ben F.

They get flirty in the kitchen - as the staff looks on - making salad and pizza. Good for romance, not good for health code violations. Minus 2.

Constantine's mom's criteria for marrying off her son begin and end with her willingness to relocate to Atlanta. Typical Greek family. Plus 3.

By the end, Ashley is an honorary Greek, though it's going to be tough for the family if he doesn't win. They'll lose a great waitress. Minus 1.

Ashley and Ames Pic

In Chadds Ford, Pa., Ames' sister Serena immediately grilled Ashley about the spark that seemed missing from her end. Bad sign for Amesbot. Minus 4.

Good teeth run in the family. Plus 3. And sizable foreheads.

"Our relationship is moving a lot slower than some of the others," Ashley tells Ames' family. Just the kind of reassurance they're looking for. Minus 5.

The picnic under the magnolia tree? Soooo romantic. Plus 6.

"Slow and steady wins the race," he notes. This is likely true in real relationships, or the Ironman triathlons he wins. But The Bachelorette? Wash.

We know he's accomplished and mature (especially for a guy on The Bachelorette), but Ashley refers to Ames as "unique" about 479 times. Like calling a woman's outfit "interesting," it stops seeming complimentary after awhile. Minus 8.

Just when you thought Constantine set the family-approval bar high, Ben F. trumps him, and with only two people! No pressure at all, Ashley. Minus 2.

Fortunately, you can't not love Ashley Hebert. Plus 11.

Ashley, J.P.

At the risk of sounding insensitive, are they overplaying the death of Ben's dad just a little here? Does it really need to be his entire narrative? Minus 13.

Okay, he's crying and sincere. Plus 9 for the outpouring of emotion.

Ben's sister Julia could lighten up a little bit, are we right? Minus 4.

"My dad's always with me, and he's the reason I am what I am," he notes. So, sensitive, silly, long-haired and a wine-maker? Pretty good catch! Plus 8.

Or, you could even say (in Ashley-speak), per-FACT! Plus 1 more.

On Long Island, Ashley and J.P. go roller skating, then do what they do best, which is make out in public. Plus 5, because this guy is going all out.

Plus 6, because JP got the looks in the family. Sorry, JP's bro.

J.P.'s parents and family want to make sure she's loving J.P. too. Unlike with Ames, we don't see that as a stumbling block. He's the favorite. Plus 7.

Plus 4 more for the Kirk Cameron-young NPH Bar Mitzvah pic.

Back at the mansion in Los Angeles, Ashley has a nice fireside chat with host-pimp Chris and then proceeds to send Ames home. Poor Ames. Minus 10.

Ryan was blindsided last week, but Ames' reaction may top that. It's like he simply can't process what just happened. Amesbot. No. Compute. Minus 7.

"It's been totally beautiful and full of the unexpected," Ames said, post-dumping, "even more poetic than I would have imagined." What a guy! Plus 4.

Ames really had no shot in this. J.P. was obviously getting a rose, and how could she separate Ben and Ben's separated-at-birth Greek twin? Plus 5.


ROSES: Ben Flajnik, Constantine Tzortzis, J.P. Rosenbaum. OUT: Ames Brown.

Who should Ashley choose among her top three? Vote:


Remember shes a doctor... Well educated too. She is beautiful, and classy also a good catch.


I think Ashley should pick JB He is a good guy down to earth. He doesn't put on a show, I think they would be happy together.


Ashlee does not seem to know what she wants she should not have sent Aimes home he was a keeper and had a lot going on education wise and obviously came from a good background and a family who adores him. She is acting just like she did when she was on the Bachelor, confused and still now knowing what she wants maybe she should wait for love...


There's something weird going on with Ashley's hair! Does she have a receding hairline going on? I can't focus on the show sometimes because of it.


There's something weird going on with Ashley's hair! Does she have a receding hairline going on?


I agree with the above comment that Ames should be the next bachelor!!


I would love to find an intelligent, deep man like Ames. Ashley has no depth and therefore, she would never/could never appreciate Ames. He is much better off without her. He is successful, handsome, comes from a good family and has a moral fiber you don't find much anymore. I wish he would be the next bachelor.


I like Constantine the best - but don't really want Ashley to choose him. I think her and JP deserve each other. Constantine and Ben can do much better!!


Ashley was too stupid and simple for Ames. Plus her family takes the fun out of dysfunction! She belongs with lunkhead JP!


wuahhahhahah at Constantines Dad for "making it rain" - thats tv gold right there!

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