Teen Mom Recap: Legal Drama Week!

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This week's episode of Teen Mom taught us to expect the unexpected.

Ryan Edwards didn't give us much to criticize at all, while Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were thrust into the role of taking care of their parent.

Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood, meanwhile, were doing battle to protect their daughters from bad influences - and at times from themselves.

How'd it score in our system? Let's break down last night, THG style!

Tyler and Butch

Butch is out of prison and ready to get his "freak on." Just what you want to hear if you're the teenage son. Minus 7, but Plus 2 for that unreal mullet.

By committing battery against wife April, Butch has a restraining order against him. That's not about to stop April from picking him up from jail. Minus 3.

Plus 9 for Tyler's maturity, intervening when the situation called for it, and enduring Butch's taunts about Carly's adoption. And the stench. Had to be bad.

Also showing maturity last night? Ryan Edwards. Plus 8, because you could just sense that a nasty exchange with Kyle King was coming. Not the case.

The two even shook hands, with Ryan looking pleased, maybe even longing for the relationship Maci and Kyle (and Bentley and Kyle have). Plus 4.

Can he shape up long-term? Still far from clear. Minus 3.

Maci Bookout and Bentley Edwards

Farrah doesn't have any friends. Maybe Charlie's Angels will change that? Wash.

Poor girl. She can't even mourn her baby daddy without going to war with his mother. Talk about a weight on her shoulders. Plus 5 for persevering.

How does the Social Security Administration not get with the program here. There's a TELEVISION program about this girl and Derek's kid! Minus 3.

Those C-cups aren't paying for themselves. Just saying. Plus 2.

Obligatory rundown of Amber Portwood legal woes? Plus 3, because to be honest it's hard to even keep them all straight, even when you run THG!

Gary seems to enjoy the situation way too much, gloating "She's not getting taken away from me!" rather than supporting Amber. Loser. Minus 12.

Amber Portwood Mug Shot

Does Child Protective Services watch Teen Mom to critique its own work, or to research the case? There's certainly enough material to be found. Plus 4.

We all know how this sad chapter ends. Amber loses her daughter (temporarily) and goes to jail, then goes to rehab after a suicide attempt. She brings a lot of this on herself, but it just seems sad to us now. Minus 3.

Gary sucks. Maybe not to Leah, but to the rest of humanity. Minus 7.



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I do not like Farrah,she treats her mom like a dog she always undermines her,Can't stand her and she is in no way model material with her wolf teeth.
Amber Is a nasty hateful girl that belittles Gary and treats him like she does Leah,he can't get a word in without her jumping
down his throat and she runs to her friend and tells her something different that went on.
My gosh watch the fricken reruns it's there to see.
Maci is the only one I really like,her ex is chidish too,trying to make her marry,he needs to take his on advice.
Ty&Cait...Try to acy like adults omg they are still teens...He has an answer for everything.This so to me is to impressional on teens cause I believe in there under developed minds,they wanna try and play grow-ups.


wel i think outta the whole show farrah got the most sense becuz she tries her best to take care ov her child and tyler n katelyn gon end up havin another child lol!


Yes, Amber has many issues... and the big one is Gary. You are blind if you don't see how he pushes her buttons on purpose. Holding her mental health and daughter over her shows what a loser he is. I came from a relationship like that. I was going through a depression, I went to my husband explaining how I felt and asked for his help. What did he do, but held it over me and try to take my daughter. During an argument, he told me to kill myself, it would make it better for everyone. What type of loser says that. Oh, someone just like Gary. That was the day I left the jerk, with my daughter and sought help. Still after 6 years, whenever I see him, I wish I would have pushed him down the stairs, or beat the crap out of him. The thing is I had more control than Amber, but I know exactly how she feels. She's strong and will make it out the otherside, if she gets the over grown man child out of her life.


amber shouldn't put her hands on gary esp. in front of leah. who does she think she is? is she on meds for a mental disorder? i think i remember hearing that once. & as for farrah~ who leaves their child in a sink filled with water & the hot water running then walks away?and all those times she left her daughter sitting on the edge of something up high so that she may have just fallen over the edge??? all this stuff's on video.what are these ppl thinking?(or not thinking) i love these ppl. i really do. i fell in love with the show and most of the ppl on it, but come on...and as for butch and april, if he has stay away orders from her, they're going to pick up on the violation sooner or later (if it hasn't already happened). do these ppl know they're on a tv show?


Does Butch even have a working braincell anymore? He is just out of jail and rehab, and yet he still thinks they should have brought a baby into that family? No way! Those two kids did exactly the right thing placing that baby for adoption. It amazes me that Tyler and Catelyn are sane, decent people so far considering Butch and April. I really hope these two do ok in life. With the history both Butch and April have of substance abuse and violence I hope the kids break the cycle.


@breandi i completely agree i wouldnt support that crazy girl either! I mean gary may have his moments but who doesnt? He's still doing a better job with his baby than amber ever could imagine! And with the way fathers arent around i dont see why thg keeps caqllin him a loser! Atleast he's in his childs life & trying to keep her n a safe environment! He totallt deserves a 10 for that!


Amber was cursing up a storm which is uncalled for in front of her own daughter which I guess u was paying no attention if u saw the episode! She was mad because she didn't wanna breakup with the guy who she was with in the car and Gary was trying his best 2 b the mature one 4 their daughter! U saw something completely different!


I think Gary is a good daddy 2 leah! I wldnt support Amber either the way she treated him! He puts Leah FIRST and thats how it should be!

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