Taylor Swift Honors Justin Bieber, Alanis Morissette in Canada

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Taylor Swift did more than merely perform in Canada over the weekend. She honored some of that nation's best in the music industry.

During a concert in Toronto, Swift told fans she wanted to give credit to "incredible musicians" from the region and proceeded to churn out acoustic versions of "You Learn" by Alanis Morissette, "Baby" by Justin Bieber and other singles.

Sit back, watch and enjoy now:

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I think its sweet she did that. But I mean come
On sum songs just can't be sung by other people!


Justin goner. . . selena s sweet.. .


Ok well I'm not too sure abt JB considering his songs aren't that good. Alanis M is a very talented and amazing singer and I would have liked it if TS complimented Avil Lavigne or Adam Gontier they are way better than JB would ever get.


Oh, Taylor.... sigh... it's not that I don't like JB. It's just that I don't like "Baby" >.


Taylor is such a sweet friend,because i truly believe that, no other person in this world can go do a show in canada.also, do a show to honor her candian friend, justin bieber!justin is a wonderful friend to appreciate that! Justin is wonderful, just the way, i wouldn't want him and his personality to change! If i could i would to meet justin and selena, to be their bff!

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