Stereo Installer Sues "Druggie" Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan just cannot stay out of legal predicaments.

Her latest debacle? Getting sued by a guy who installed a stereo for her, says he got stiffed, and is ALL fired up, taking shot after shot at the star.

Stephen Clark is suing LiLo for more than $1,100, claiming she stiffed him on an installation in her Venice home while she was on house arrest.

Lindsay Lohan Pony Tail

Lindsay during one of her MANY court appearances.

We obviously don't know what went on, but is anyone surprised?!

The correspondence between Lindsay and Clark is ... interesting.

In the first exchange, obtained by TMZ, Clark wrote: "Hi Lindsay! Well, I sent you two invoices and several BBMs and texts. I have never heard back from you."

"I guess you just aren't going to pay for my labor or your equipment."

Clark continued: "I am sorry, but I cannot let that much money go."

Lindsay Lohan then responded, "Sorry!! I will have it to you this wk! I'm changing business managers and such so I'm trying to handle it asap."

But time passed, and Lindsay never got back to or paid him.

An irate Clark wrote again to Lohan, "You're a RECOVERING addict who goes to the santa monica probation dept.  Should I share this as well?" 

Finally, he hilariously added this dig: "You're a born druggie!!" 

Clark is suing Lindsay in small claims court. Good luck to him.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Yall all are drama!Would all of yall want drama and others in yall's life?Or a camra in your face.In every bit of your life all over the world and people talking about your life?We all have our own life and our life is not all over the world like actresses or actors writes any of them.Let them live their life like we do.Thay are just as normal ase we are!


The girl can't afford court ordered therapy and you want her to pay for stereo equipment? How totally unfair! NOT! I wonder how long before Lindsay comments on this and gives her standard lines that it is not her fault and everyone is out to get her? I really am pulling for Lindsay, she is young still and she was very talented, she could have had it all. I hope for her sake someday she gets her crap together and can re-launch herself. But her track record sucks so I'm not holding my breath. What a waste of a life that could have been so great.


nice? she is a thief on so many levels it is getting stupid. she needs to be locked away.


She is a nice girl why all da media got to hate?