Spotted: Ashley Hebert and ... The Bachelorette Winner?!

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Throughout the season, The Bachelorette spoilers we've read, and posted for viewing at your discretion, have been proven 100 percent accurate.

Now, new images of Ashley Hebert and the man who many believe will be her final rose recipient only bolster rumors about the August 1 finale.

We've reported that the season ends with Ashley Hebert engaged. But who gets down on one knee? If you don't want to know ... turn back now.

Ashley Hebert and ...

One of the reported shots of Ashley and The Bachelorette winner during a secret rendezvous this spring/summer. Follow the jump for clearer images.

ET Canada first aired these photos and the ultimate show insider/thorn in Mike Fleiss' side, Reality Steve, came through with the screen grabs.

Follow the jump for shots of Ashley and her man ...

J.P. Rosenbaum Sighting
Ashley Hebert Sighting

Yup, that's J.P. Rosenbaum with Ashley Hebert.

These pictures first surfaced July 1 and were quickly lost in the shuffle during the holiday weekend. Also, no U.S. station aired them that we know of.

Yes, in the first photo above, JP’s bag is cut off, and it is obvious that those are two different pictures taken and put together. Classic tabloid move.

However, the two side-by-side pictures clearly show that it's J.P., and that it's Ashley, and they certainly appear to be in the same place (in NYC).

So, now you know what we know. It's not a lot, but there you have it. Draw your own conclusions, and we'll keep you updated. If you already saw these, sorry.

Who do you think Ashley should choose?


Not only is the shirt buttoned up on the other side, but everything else in the two pictures is reversed. Some of the YouTube videos are in reverse I've noticed. You only know it when they read one of the date cards and it's all mirror-image.


Why do I NOT think Ashley should choose JP? Because on more than one episode now, he has shown a very jealous and almost controlling side when Ashley is out on dates with any of the other guys. Uh... HELLO! It's the whole point of the tv show, her dating more than one guy to find one she wants more than the others. You knew what you were getting into. This is a scary trait for a man to have, especially so early on. But from what I gather, she picks JP at the end anyway. I don't think it will last.


Maybe I've played too many of those "spot what's different between the two pictures game", but does anyone notice that his shirt buttons up in opposite directions in the pictures?? The shirt buttons to the left in one pic, and to the right in the other. That would be hard to doctor -


I have to agree with you, Bethany Silva. Emily maintained her dignity all the way through that taping, and her daughter will be that much more proud of her mom once she's old enough to understand what happened. An excellent example of how to be a good parent!


Did no one understand Emily last night? That interview only gave me more reason to respect her. When she met Brad's family in the Bachelor,the first thing they asked was "have you poked the bear yet". As funny as that may have seemed, i'm sure that threw an instant red flag up in her mind. There have been rumors of him having a bit of a temper, but I strongly believe that she was trying to maintain his reputation last night. The most likely scenario is that she wanted it to work, but when she got to know him outside of the taping, she got to know his temper (whether it be a little temper or a huge temper) and she ultimately decided that even though they love eachother, she can't have a man with a temper fathering her daughter. At least that's my take on it and I feel like I have good evidence for it. She's a wonderful person and didn't sit there and bad mouth him. I think she deserves a lot of respect for that.


Emily did not even say the real reason why they broke up. wonder how much she was paid to the do the show.not to mention the fact emily over shadowed ashley once again. i think it was brads temper that broke them up. she was not really clear on it all.

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