Ryan Park: The Next Bachelor?

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Ashley Hebert rejected Ryan Park not once, but twice this season. Still, she says The Bachelorette castoff is one of her top choices to be The Bachelor.

Would he consider a turn in the spotlight as the next Bachelor? "Maybe!" he said on a conference call with reporters, saying it would be an honor.

While he was clearly stoked about the idea - almost as much as he is about tankless water heaters - he did say it's no easy task to be in command.

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"Being the Bachelorette is hard!" Park said. "It's unfortunate [Ashley] is being attacked for her insecurities, and how [Bentley Williams] preyed on that."

As for getting dumped twice, Ryan says he has no hard feelings.

"When I was let go, I didn't really understand, [but] now everything becomes clearer watching her chemistry with the other guys," the 31-year-old said.

Having been dispatched before the hometown dates, Ryan showed up in Fiji out of the blue in this week's episode. Ashley sent him home again.

"Timing has a place in every relationship. I do think Ashley and Icould  work; Maybe a date earlier on could have sparked something," he said.

"Something could have been different if it was under different circumstances - or if [finalists] Ben Flajnik and JP Rosenbaum weren't around!"

All in all, Park deems his one-time love "a great Bachelorette," saying she was often misunderstood and looked at unfairly by fans and viewers.

Park says he's no longer "in love with Ashley," but will always feel a close connection to The Bachelorette star. That's nice at least.

What do you think? Can you see Ryan Park as The Bachelor?


I was rooting for Ben the whole time on the bachelorette! I was shocked when Ashley didnt pick him. My heart went out to him and his heartache..i definitely want to see Ben as the next bachelor!!!! Ames is already going to be on the new Bachelor Pad series and Ryan would be just boring to watch lol i think youd get ALOT more viewers with Ben as the Bachelor ;)


I think Ryan will be a really boooooring Bachelor! Can you imaginethe conversations? I agree with someone earlier that said Ben might need more time and that he'll do well on his own. I say find someone new!


I think Ryan would be great! He has the bod plus the fun personality! Ames only has one of these attributes.


Well BEN is my choice...we all know and love Ben and we want to witness him find the one......Everyone is saying pick someone new....NO NO NO that's the wrong thing to do.....so yeah IN MY BEST CHEER VOICE GOOOOO BEN!!!!!!!


NO Ryan, No Ben ...need a new unknown!BTW....PLEASE, be more selective in your 25 candidates.As for Bently, I think the producers should have removed him as soon as they heard his comments. Was ratings that low?Thank God Ashley got herself together, she was about to loose me.


I think aims should get shot tooo!


Iam not sure if he be the bachlore!!!!!


I think Ben should be left alone right now! After watching last nights show it was apparent to me that he's still a little angry and hurt! He needs a little more time! Besides, he doesn't need this show! I think he'll do just fine on his own! As for Ryan, I don't believe he's a good choice! He's in love with the idea of love! Now, I think Ames might be a good choice! Of course, he's going to be on that stupid Bachelor Pad show which is beyone ridiculous! So maybe that cancels Ames out!! Another good choice might be Mickey!! Oh, I don't know!! What the hell!! (smile)





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