Rodney King Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

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Rodney King, whose videotaped beating by police sparked the 1992 L.A. riots, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Tuesday.

King was driving when he was pulled over in Moreno Valley, in Southern California's Riverside County, city police department officials claimed.

Officers saw King, who has acknowledged a longstanding drinking problem, commit "several traffic violations," a police statement said.

Rodney King Mug Shot

"A preliminary evaluation of the driver indicated he was possibly driving while impaired." The subject, later revealed to be King, "was transported to the Moreno Valley Police Department for a further evaluation," police said.

He was booked after that further evaluation.

King's 1991 beating by Los Angeles police officers after a traffic stop left him with skull fractures and brain and kidney damage. It was captured on video by a nearby resident, and four officers were indicted as a result.

Their acquittal sparked the riots that left 55 dead and cost billions in damage. Two officers were later found guilty in federal court.


WTF, this POS has continually been in the news for all these violations and has been arrested multiple times over the years, he's going to get someone killed one of these days, oh wait that already happened! 50+ of them! I do not condemn people based on race but this guy is just some POS idiot who deserved what he got after being pulled over in 1992 and should have been put in jail (resisting arrest, being part of a high speed chase in a residential zone, not complying with officers and then taking a swing at them, wtf do you expect the police to do? Damn!). But instead we give him almost 4 million to just drink it away and continue to drink in drive while the arresting officers lost their jobs anyways! This F***ing justice system is messed up!


Damn..... U would think that after all Rodney went thru in 92, that he would've changed his life around for the better. I had a DUI charge once and that's all I needed to know not to do it again.


innocent people got killed because of this idiot!


I will continue to root for Mr. King to go back to living a quiet life, free from (too much) alcohol and the driving mistakes that will keep him negatively in the News.


I saw Rodney King on celeb rehab and I was really pulling for him to stay sober. He seemed like a smart, down to earth guy and I really thought he was going to be sober for the long haul. This picture looks like he's been backsliding for a while. I hpe he pulls it together.


Can't we all just get along again? RIOT TIME!!! :D

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